What Is DaaS? What Is DaaS?
Device-as-a-Service turns your acquisition and management of devices into an ongoing service. What Is DaaS?

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) is transforming the way that companies procure, deploy and manage their IT inventory. The old model of device ownership is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, as DaaS is showing itself to be an excellent way to keep up with technological change, while also saving money and helping you deploy your assets more efficiently and effectively.

DaaS turns your acquisition and management of devices into an ongoing service, outsourced to IT experts. So, instead of owning your devices, you lease them on a per-device, monthly contract. Contracts typically include full life cycle and asset management, managed services and loads of options for refreshing and replacing devices whenever you need to.

Because you don’t own your devices, you also don’t need to bear the cost of retiring and replacing them when they become obsolete. Devices are typically replaced at the end of its contract, with a fresh, up-to-date one. This gives you two essential benefits for both your operations and your finances:

  1. From an operational point of view, you will never again have to worry about a device that is no longer as useful as it once was or have to incur downtime while the device is replaced. Your service provider will simply take away the old device and replace it with a new one, complete with all the software you need pre-installed and ready to go.
  2. From a financial point of view, DaaS effectively moves your IT infrastructure from being a CAPEX consideration to an OPEX one. This will be music to your CFO’s ears! Even though you will have a monthly contract cost to service each device (or a package of devices, depending on what you and your service provider have put in place), you will have no large-scale upfront spending like you would have if you were outfitting your office with your own, purchased devices. Your total cost of ownership will be hugely reduced.

With an HP DaaS plan, you get a complete solution that combines hardware, multi-OS device and application analytics, proactive management, and services for every stage of the device lifecycle. You can free yourself from having to procure and manage multi-OS devices, meaning that you can focus on supporting users and developing long-term strategies for your business’s future. HP DaaS can help reduce the complexity of sourcing and supporting your devices with simple, flexible plans easily tailored to your specific business needs.

Keeping up With DaaS

When running an IT fleet, it is essential that you keep up, both with fast-moving technology trends, and the state of your devices. You need to be able to repair, replace and upgrade as quickly and proactively as possible. This is where HP TechPulse will revolutionise your IT management.

HP TechPulse is a predictive analytics system that helps you ‘predict the future’ when it comes to your devices. It allows you to pick up on any impending issues before they become a problem. HP DaaS Proactive Management then enables you to address and resolve the issues. This particular service is not one you will get with just any DaaS plan and is unique to HP. You will be able to optimise your IT spending and resources through machine learning, contextual data, and preconfigured logic. With these essential tools, you will be able, constantly and effectively, to keep track of your IT infrastructure and manage all your devices proactively.

How DaaS Helps With Strategic Asset Deployment

DaaS frees your company’s key assets so that they can be deployed more efficiently. Both your staff and your financial resources can work better and more profitably when you migrate your IT procurement and management to DaaS.

Your IT team will be freed from the routine maintenance tasks that often eat away at their time. This means that they can focus on higher-level projects. Historically, IT managers have tended to spend far too much time managing, repairing and troubleshooting devices. This is valuable time that could be better used for working on strategic projects that will be of great future benefit to the company. DaaS also enables more efficient management of your devices. With HP DaaS, you have a service contract with a company dedicated to helping you manage your devices. You also have powerful tools like HP TechPulse with ProActive Management Analytics, geared towards efficiency and cost savings. As these systems pick up on problems before they happen, this cuts downtime and minimises maintenance costs. As mentioned before, DaaS also reallocates a substantial part of your financial resources from CAPEX to OPEX.

Migrate your IT fleet to HP DaaS today. Contact Tarsus Distribution for more information.

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