The Azure Files: Idiot-proof your VHD imports The Azure Files: Idiot-proof your VHD imports
Having trouble using PowerShell to import your VHDs into Azure? This episode is for you! The Azure Files: Idiot-proof your VHD imports

Every now and then the #AzureFiles team (Othelo Vieira and Matthew McEnroe) gets a technical question that they can really sink their teeth into.

And this episode (simply called “Idiot-proof your VHD imports”) is exactly such an opportunity.

The question of the week from Deon in Stanger deals with issues importing virtual hard disks or VHDs into the Azure environment. And as it turns out, it’s something that used to be rather difficult to get right – especially with relation to how the VHD is prepared on-premise before it’s moved or imported into Azure.

Matt and Othelo explain how much easier this process has become, thanks to a feature Microsoft has added to the mix that allows engineers to create ‘Azure-compliant’ VHDs with a step-by-step, user-friendly, graphical user interface.

And the best news says Matt is that there’s no longer a need to dive into the command-line interface provided by PowerShell.

Rounding the episode out with another geeky fact of the week, Matt and Othelo reveal a brief history of the “graphical user interface” and deal with some misconceptions of this wonderful invention’s origins.

It’s really worth sticking around to the end of the episode for.

While you wait for the next episode, keep sending your awesome cloud questions to us and we could be exploring yours in an upcoming show.

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