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Find the Ultimate Design and Mobility with HP’s EliteBook Series

Do you remember the days when your laptop was so big and bulky that you needed not only a large desk to work on but also a padded backpack to carry it around in? The premium, sophisticated design that HP’s EliteBook series encompass is sleek and packed with powerful mobility benefits.

In our latest whitepaper entitled 7 Things You Should Expect from Business Laptops, we talk you through some of the distinguishable style features of the HP EliteBook Series. If the words thin, light, solid, elegant, mobile and minimalist are what resonates with you when it comes to buying a new laptop, then you will find the perfect fit with the HP EliteBook Series.

Reliably Mobile

With HP's EliteBook Series, you will have unrivaled battery life spanning from 8 hours to 16 hours! So, whether you forgot your power cable at home or need to work in a location that has been affected by a power outage, there is no need for concern thanks to the extended battery life that the HP EliteBook offers. The best part is that the HP EliteBook charges fifty times faster than any other computer!