TOD’s new Azure-focused podcast series has launched TOD’s new Azure-focused podcast series has launched
The first episode is ready, and we've embedded it in this post.  TOD’s new Azure-focused podcast series has launched

Today, Tarsus On Demand (TOD) launched its first-ever podcast/vlog series!

There’s a bit of an argument here at the T.T offices as to whether it’s a podcast or a vlog, but whatever you want to call it, it’s a quirky video series called On Demand: The Azure Files that stars in-house geeks from at Tarsus on Demand.

Once a week, Othelo Vieira and Matthew McEnroe will have a quick chat about topics relevant to Azure, focusing on tips, tricks, and educational tidbits on using, speccing, and getting the most from Microsoft’s Azure cloud ecosystem.

There’s a lot Azure can do, and even the most clued-up among you might not know about every single service or feature, so this is a fantastic opportunity to tune in, have a laugh, and definitely learn a thing or two.

In the premiere episode Othelo and Matthew chat about getting the best bang for your buck with Azure’s ‘runbook’ feature, in answer to the “Question of the Week” from someone interested in Azure, but who is unsure how to motivate his boss to look at it.

Without further ado, here it is:

In future, the series will have its own section on the site, and currently features in our sidebars for your convenience (as you can see).

We hope you enjoyed the video, and will be tuning in every week to see what the team gets up to. And if you like what you see, hit that Subscribe button so you’re in the know when new episodes hit the web.

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