This 5-minute demo shows Microsoft Teams in action This 5-minute demo shows Microsoft Teams in action
Curious about Microsoft Teams? Check out this handy 5-minute demo. This 5-minute demo shows Microsoft Teams in action

Many companies are making good use of Microsoft Teams and all of its collaboration-enhancing goodness. But not everyone is there yet and may need to see Teams in action before they decide to get it.

That’s where this excellent online demo from Microsoft comes in. Prospective adopters don’t need to install anything, or even watch a video. They simply load up the page, and the interactive demo runs in their browser.

The whole thing takes less than 5 minutes to run through. But it’s a very valuable 5 minutes that could tip the scales in favour of Teams adoption by viewers.

Beautiful Simplicity

The beauty of the demo is that it’s smartly simple. Viewers are guided through various features like Teams’ chat, call, and collaboration capabilities, by clicking on the dialogue boxes that the site shows them.

They can either click Previous/Next on those, or interact directly with the demo by clicking on interface icons. It’s a really natural way to get a feel for Teams’ UI, and learn about the program while doing it.

The Channels feature gets special attention, as users are walked through accessing content, viewing conversation threads, seeing how files are shared in Channels, and more.

On-the-fly translation

Microsoft also shows off how Teams translates foreign language text into English, by illustrating a conversation between a Spanish-speaking Teams member and an English-speaking one.

Microsoft’s cloud-based AI does this very quickly. It facilitates easy conversations between people who don’t speak the same language, all at the click of a button.

There’s more to see in the demo than just the above, so we highly recommend going through it yourself. If you’re in sales, the demo is a fantastic sales tool that can be deployed at client premises very easily, or linked to over email/chat etc.

Take the plunge

And when you or your clients are ready to take the Teams plunge, you know who to contact: the team at Tarsus On Demand, the Tarsus Technology Group’s cloud division!

You can do so by filling in the form below, or heading over to the Tarsus On Demand website’s Contact Us page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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