The top cloud trends to watch in 2020 The top cloud trends to watch in 2020
Here's a quick look at some of the cloud trends to keep an eye out for in 2020. The top cloud trends to watch in 2020

The year has barely started, and industry watchers are saying that the cloud market is already seeing shifting trends in 2020 when compared to years past.

ZDNet’s Larry Dignan is one such pundit. In a recent article in which he looks at the cloud industry’s top players, he said that cloud computing is “more mature” in 2020, and that market share is being pursued through a “sales ground war” by the leading vendors.

When it comes to the cloud-specific trends to keep an eye out for in 2020, Dignan identified the following:


Companies are increasingly looking into going “multi-cloud”, an approach that leverages the services of many different public cloud providers to avoid vendor lock-in.

With multi-cloud, they can keep their applications abstracted, which frees them up to move them across clouds without impact on performance or delivery.

Customer stickiness through data retention

Data acquisition is a major component of the strategies employed by the top cloud providers to boost their own market share and keep customers on their platforms.

The idea being that the more a company’s data is in the cloud, the more likely they are to stick with their chosen cloud provider.

To this end, cloud vendors are encouraging companies to use their services for everything from data storage to analytics in a bid to keep them as “sticky” as possible.

Hot tech leads the way

Many of the hot-topic technologies of today, namely the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, general analytics, and edge computing will form part of the services that set the top providers’ cloud offerings apart.

All of the big providers are leveraging their own advances in AI and machine learning in particular to boost the appeal of their respective offerings, and that will accelerate as the year goes on.

Fear-based sales pitches

This last one is a little concerning, but understandable in this era: Dignan expects sales tactics by cloud providers to exploit the fear, doubt, and uncertainty trumpeted by today’s news cycle to sign up ever more customers.

He may be wrong about this one, but it’s certainly something to keep in mind nonetheless.

These are the cloud trends people like Dignan are seeing, and expect to see more of as the year progresses.

[Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay]

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