The Shaw Academy’s online courses are free for four weeks The Shaw Academy’s online courses are free for four weeks
Four weeks of access to a wide range of online courses are yours for mahala. The Shaw Academy’s online courses are free for four weeks

Following the extension of the national lockdown to the end of April, the Shaw Academy, an internationally-recognised online learning institution, announced that it is offering all South Africans affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus four free weeks of access to its many online courses.

Lockdown not a barrier

James Egan, Founder and CEO of Shaw Academy, said: “With the coronavirus outbreak forcing more and more people to stay indoors, education providers like us are in a unique position to provide something that can benefit people during this difficult period. Thanks to the availability of online services, the lockdown doesn’t have to be a barrier to people wanting to focus on self improvement during this time, and we firmly believe that education is the best way to fortify yourself ahead of the economic impact of the pandemic. That is why we are giving South Africans and people all over the world the opportunity to re-skill and upskill themselves for free in these uncertain times.”

Courses cover a wide range of subjects, from technology to photography to finances and much more. All you need to do is sign up on the website, which you can find here, and you’ll get access to every single course immediately upon completion of your online profile.

Here’s a small sampling of the courses on offer.

Says the official press release, “The specially tailored courses are built around a series of Interactive Online Classes based on practical knowledge coupled with peer-interaction and student support. Developed to be convenient and flexible, students can schedule and reschedule classes at ease and can even catch up on classes on the go – ensuring they can learn at their own pace without wasting any of their valuable time. Students attending Shaw Academy’s online courses are able to ask questions during lessons which can be addressed by the Academy’s in-house AI powered chatbot, which responds both quickly and accurately.”


Many of Shaw’s courses offer internationally-recognised qualifications, so once you finish your chosen course, you could even end up with a formal qualification that could help you advance in your career.

Shaw reports that the company has seen great interest from South Africans in courses that focus on leadership, digital marketing, sports nutrition, graphic design, and beauty. This reflects people’s focus on self-development and professional advancement in these troubling times.

Once the four free weeks are up, you’ll be charged R399 per month for continued access to Shaw Academy’s courses. Since other sites charge hundreds (if not thousands) of rands per course, Shaw Academy’s offer provides excellent value for your money.

Click here to head to the Shaw Academy website and take a look at their course selection.

  • codes1238

    Dec 3, 2020 #1 Author

    Shaw Academy is a scam. Have a look on HelloPeter and Google Reviews. They have a bad reputation for billing people weird amounts on the free trial and never stopping. In my Case they have billed R2498 on day 7 wihout any agreement except the R399/m after the 30days. They don’t respond to any billing queries.

    This is not a trustworty Business. You’ve been warned.


  • codes1238

    Dec 3, 2020 #2 Author

    More than 2700 have signed a pertition to the Consumer Protection commission to have Shaw Academy investigated for fraud.


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