The Azure Files: Tailor Made The Azure Files: Tailor Made
This week the guys share their insights on how to convince decision-makers that cloud is the way to go. The Azure Files: Tailor Made

Another week is upon us and with it another opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of Azure with Tarsus on Demand’s #AzureFiles team.

In this episode (entitled “Tailor Made”) Matthew McEnroe and Othelo Vieira provide advice to IT experts making the case for a cloud migration to their board of (generally-speaking, non-technical) directors.

The key thrust of the episode is that real world computing resources and cloud-based computing resources aren’t created equal and if done correctly, a cloud migration can result in an IT environment that has increased computing resource for a reduced monthly cost.

The benefits of cloud-based datacentres when compared to on-premise datacentres aren’t just centred around cost-savings on ‘tin’ however. Through correctly sizing a cloud-based datacentre, companies can reduce the amount of budget spent on software licensing.

Matt and Othelo walk you through the process of sizing in Azure so you’re able to make your business case to the board, and in particular, Matt offers some excellent pointers on how to do it smartly so that those benefits are appealing to business decision-makers.

Othelo also talks through concepts like Reserved Instances that offer even greater cost reductions in exchange for longer term commitments from the client.

And lastly, if you’ve ever wondered about Microsoft’s datacentre footprint, you’ll want to hang around for the Geeky Fact of the Week (Spoiler: Azure is much bigger than you think!)

As always, if you’d like to reach out to the #AzureFiles team and get your pressing questions answered, you can reach us on e-mail right here!


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