The Azure Files: Make your SQL squeal The Azure Files: Make your SQL squeal
The Azure Files is back after a short break, and we are pumped to bring you a new episode! The Azure Files: Make your SQL squeal

After a short break, the Azure Files is back and we are stoked to share with you our new episode! SQL!

Today’s show is all about SQL, mainly because we get a lot of queries but also because Othelo and Matt wanted to tackle it head-on. This week’s specific query is a question from Gail in Bloemfontein: she wants to know about “SQL managed instances”, and if they’re better than “SQL as a service”.

Naturally, our in-house geeks get into some good, helpful detail about how the two models work but they also draw a comparison of how they work differently. We won’t spoil the answer; you’ll need to watch the video for that.

Ever heard of the term DTU? Well, whether you answered yes or no, Othelo and Matt shed some light about what a “DTU” is, and how it’s helpful for organisations running any sort of SQL workload.

Included in the episode is some back-and-forth banter about this week’s t-shirts, and of course, the Geeky Fact of the Week. Tune in at the 4:17 mark for that.

If you’d like to have your own cloud-related question featured on the show, you can send it to the Azure Files team on this email address. We look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time!

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