The Azure Files: On Kubernetes and Docker The Azure Files: On Kubernetes and Docker
If you've wanted to know what Kubernetes and Docker are, this episode is for you! The Azure Files: On Kubernetes and Docker

Welcome to another episode of The Azure Files, the web series that’s all about the cloud from the good folks at Tarsus on Demand! Kubernetes!

This week, the guys are all about containerisation, and how it can be used within Azure. Containerisation is “an OS-level virtualisation method used to deploy and run distributed applications without launching an entire virtual machine (VM) for each app.”

Their insights are the answer to Adele from Braamfontein’s question; she is part of a software development house and her and her company are interested in how containerisation can benefit their everyday operations.

Azure’s version of containerisation involves Kubernetes and Docker, both open-source managed container orchestration services in Azure. The guys cover it between 1:57 and 4:54.

Othelo finishes off with a Geek Fact of the Week, which throws light on the origins of the world ‘Kubernetes’. Hint: It’s Greek! Kubernetes!

Should you have your own cloud-related question, or one on Kubernetes, please feel free to fire off a mail to Othelo and Matt; your question could be featured on a future episode.

And that’s us for this week! Please join us next week for more on the cloud and how it can benefit you and your business.

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