The Azure Files Episode 6: Managing risk The Azure Files Episode 6: Managing risk
On this week's episode of The Azure Files, the guys answer a fantastic question about risk management and the cloud. The Azure Files Episode 6: Managing risk

This week’s episode of The Azure Files features a fantastic question from Helen in Witbank, who says she’s ready to move into the cloud but has some risk management concerns.

She asks how to keep her organisation’s risk management people happy that their cloud resources will be safe, which of course means that Othelo and Matt get into a discussion on backups, availability sets, and Service Level Agreements and what those mean for any business that uses the cloud.

In between quips about their t-shirts, Pokémon, and Nintendo, they share a lot of useful info.

Othelo and Matt end off with the Geeky Fact of the Week, which dovetails quite nicely with the Question of the week; if you didn’t know the difference between 99% and 99.999% availability, the guys explain quite clearly what it means. The difference is huge!

And that’s all for this week. To have your question featured on the show, send them to this email address. You might even win a cool t-shirt if you do.

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