The Azure Files – Disaster recovery and Azure The Azure Files – Disaster recovery and Azure
This week the team takes a good hard look at Azure's disaster recovery options. The Azure Files – Disaster recovery and Azure

Welcome to another episode of The Azure Files! This week, the show is all about how Azure can help a business develop an affordable disaster recovery strategy!

The topic was ignited by Nigel in Benoni, who wrote in to say his company has “strong requirements for uptime” but he is on a limited budget.

He wants to know what recommendations the guys have when it comes to ensuring his servers are never not available. This gives Matt a chance to really strut his stuff and delve deeply into something he knows a lot about: Disaster Recovery in Azure!

There’s a lot of fanastically useful information here for anyone keen on investigating an Azure-based DR strategy, so give the vid a watch!


Shirt Story

This week’s t-shirts tell stories all of their own: Othelo’s shirt says everything anyone needs to know about IT support, while Matt’s shows off his deep commitment to, and love of, PowerShell.

PowerShell is Microsoft’s super-powerful command-line interface for Windows that places a lot of power within a knowledgeable IT person’s hands. It’s the Command Prompt, but on steroids! Read more about it here.

The Geek Fact of the Week dovetails nicely with Nigel’s question, as Othelo reveals what, exactly, “five nines availability” means. Catch that at the 6:23 mark.

Send us your questions

If you have any of your own questions about Azure in general, or you have a specific question you’d like the answer to, please send an email to the Azure Files team – which includes all of the cloud experts over at Tarsus on Demand – to this address.

Until next week, keep those questions coming!

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