The Tarsus Distribution portal has a Build-A-Promotion tool The Tarsus Distribution portal has a Build-A-Promotion tool
We call it our "Build-a-Promotion" tool, a quick-and-easy feature that partners can use to create custom mailers. The Tarsus Distribution portal has a Build-A-Promotion tool

For companies to remain competitive in today’s market, they have to go beyond simply responding to customers’ requests, and to actively anticipate their needs.

Organisations need to ensure that a part of their strategy is therefore focused on innovating for the customer’s benefit, and, most importantly, making customers’ lives easier in every way they can.

This means intentionally introducing innovative ways of doing business, and therefore helping our partners grow.


“It is for this reason that we have expanded the functionality of the Tarsus Distribution Portal with the ability for our reseller partners to build their own mailers, right on the back-end,” says Tarsus Distribution’s Senior Graphic Designer, Larissa Moss.

“We call it our Build-a-Promotion tool, a quick-and-easy feature that partners can use to create custom mailers. They can be used in marketing campaigns to generate customer awareness around products sold by Tarsus Distribution,” she adds.

Under My Tarsus Tools

The tool is accessed from the first page you land on after logging into the Portal. You’ll find it inside the My Tarsus Tools menu located at the top of the Portal page.

Once you’ve clicked, you’ll be taken to a page that lists all of the promotions you’ve put together so far. If this is your first time using the tool, the list will be empty. Simply click on Create New Email Now to get started.

This opens the first of three pages where you’ll enter all of the information needed to generate your mailer. It’s very easy – simply upload the relevant logos and banners, choose the products you’d like to feature from our range, set your desired markup on each one, and put in some basic social media and contact information, and you’re done.

The process generates a .JPEG file or an HTML file and folder structure that can be used in your mailer software.


It’s so easy, putting something together can take as little as six minutes from start to finish. The end result is a professional-looking mailer that can go out to customers quickly, and with a minimum of fuss.

“This puts the power to quickly create customised mailers in the hands of our reseller partners, allowing them to get the word out to their customer base around our fantastic offers faster than ever,” concludes Moss.

The Build-a-Promotion feature is in beta right now, meaning it’s feature-complete but may still need some tweaking. If you encounter any issues with it, please let us know via the feedback button.

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