Backup power solutions can and do impact the bottom line

Backup power solutions give organisations the peace-of-mind in knowing that equipment is power-protected 24/7.

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about UPS design but have been afraid to ask

Eaton’s Jaco du Plooy on various aspects of UPS design that are useful to keep in mind when evaluating them for business IT purposes.

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Smart-UPS On-Line 230V Review – Hours of uptime

The latest in APC’s line of smart UPSes is the Smart-UPS On-Line 230V, a cutting-edge range of devices that are able to meet a wide range of power-management needs.

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Smart-UPS 230 V – Advanced line-interactive power protection

Need to protect your valuable networking equipment? The world’s most popular line of UPSes has you covered.

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Eaton 9PX – Efficiency and power where you need them most

These fully-featured, redundancy-ready UPSes have everything needed to support modern IT environments with clean power, great management tools and reliable uptime.

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Pure sine-wave power for when you need it most – APC Rack Mountable Smart-UPS C 2000VA

When the power goes down in the server room, it’s good to know that backup power exists so that servers can be powered down properly, or continue operating for a crucial few additional minutes so that users can save their work.

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