Digital Transformation could unlock 5 trillion rand of value – Report

The report looks at hot-topic technologies like the IoT, blockchain, and AI to determine how they could positively impact on South Africa.

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Microsoft talks about its vision for IoT at the recent Inspire conference

This 55-minute keynote speech video is a great introduction to Microsoft’s ideas on the Internet of Things.

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SAP launches new IoT solutions at the Leonardo Live conference

The German software giant is using its cloud-based Leonardo technology as the foundation for many innovative IoT-related solutions.

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Network printers are a favourite hacker target

Cyber attackers like them because often, printers aren’t as secure as they should be. Here’s how to fix that.

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Hacker deploys malware that destroys unsecured IoT devices

Disillusioned with the lax security of IoT devices, a hacker set out to bring attention to the urgent need for redress in a most spectacular fashion.

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Chart the Path to IoT Business Value

Gartner Q & A with Chet Geschickter explores IoT as a key enabler of our digital future.

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The Internet of Things – Great idea or one massive security-headache-to-be?

The promise of a connected world, as imagined by the top futurists of our time, is an intoxicating one. This world features previously-inanimate objects “talking” to each other over the world’s WiFi, terrestrial and cellular networks, establishing a network of “things” that have built-in sensors and smarts that allow them to interact with one another and be interacted with in turn, in new and novel ways.

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This clever tool will tell you if your internet of things is vulnerable to hackers
European cyber security firm BullGuard has developed an application that can scan your network and identify potential weak points that an attacker might exploit. While the name of the application – BullGuard IoT Scanner – isn’t what you would call imaginative, what it does is incredibly valuable, especially if your business... Read more