Big Tech pools supercomputer power to fight the virus

These supercomputer resources are being made available to scientists fighting the COVID-19 pandemic for free.

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Chrome finally lets you mute sites that auto-play annoying videos

As of the latest Chrome update, the option to mute a site entirely has replaced the “Mute tab” option.

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Google launches Android Things, a rebranded Internet of Things project

Android Things will become the newest addition to the Android family, and make developing IoT projects a lot easier. Developer preview out now.

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Check Point finds new malware variant first

Gooligan managed to steal 1.3 million Google credentials and authorisation tokens before Check Point put a stop to it.

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Microsoft patches the security hole Google pointed out
Last week Google revealed to the world that there was a severe vulnerability in Windows. To make matters worse for Windows users, that vulnerability was still being actively exploited at the time. Now, Microsoft has released a patch that deals with the vulnerability. “The most severe of the vulnerabilities... Read more
Google discloses a massive security hole in Windows before Microsoft can patch it

A Microsoft spokesperson told VentureBeat, “We believe in coordinated vulnerability disclosure, and today’s disclosure by Google puts customers at potential risk.”

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