Intel working to help datacentres process data faster

They are doing this with the development of the Compute Express Link standard.

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Three new Leonardo Innovation Services launched

The services aim to help businesses connect new technologies to real-world use-case scenarios.

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The challenge of future-proofing today’s kids for an unknowable future

If you believe the stats being thrown about, 65% of the jobs that today’s primary school children will do, don’t yet exist. How do we plan for that?

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Creator Beware

As with anything, these cutting-edge technologies are both fascinating and chilling depending on how they are applied.

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The future is now – How enterprise tech is working to make life more liveable
I’ve been a tech journalist for just over ten years now, and I’ve noticed something about 2016. A lot of the high-end, what-do-we-actually-do-with-this tech I’ve been hearing and writing about for the past, oh, five years, is starting to show up in real life in ways that might actually... Read more