Smart-UPS On-Line 230V Review – Hours of uptime Smart-UPS On-Line 230V Review – Hours of uptime
The latest in APC's line of smart UPSes is the Smart-UPS On-Line 230V, a cutting-edge range of devices that are able to meet a... Smart-UPS On-Line 230V Review – Hours of uptime

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) have evolved from being a luxury to a necessity, and you’ll definitely wish you had one should you encounter business IT infrastructure downtime as a result of improper electricity supply and management.

They’re not only integral in ensuring your switches, routers, workstations and servers don’t get fried by power surges, they’re vital when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your data by powering equipment down properly when electricity disappears altogether.

And as the years have passed, they’ve become somewhat more sophisticated than their forebears, with remote-monitoring capabilities and advanced software joining the list of improvements like LCD screens for easy access and improved battery capacity monitoring and reporting.

The latest in APC by Schneider Electrics line of smart UPS is the Smart-UPS On-Line 230V, a cutting-edge device that is able to meet a wide range of power-management needs.

Early UPS were only able to supply a few minutes of runtime before shutting down, but that has very much changed as battery tech has improved. The Smart-UPS can be configured with multiple battery packs to keep vital business equipment powered for hours after a failure, not just minutes, allowing it to meet even the most aggressive of runtime demands.

Of course, what makes modern UPS really useful are their ability to remain unattended and yet still protect and power down your IT equipment on its own, and that’s where APC’s PowerChute Network Shutdown management software and an integrated management card comes in. They work to allow the UPS to gracefully power down network operating systems and enable remote management from anywhere with an internet connection.

And should your UPS needs involve supporting power hungry blade servers or heavily loaded equipment racks, the 6kVA, 8kVA and 10kVA units feature unity output power factor which allows them to do exactly that.

APC’s unity power factor is different from competing devices which offer power factors of 0.8 or 0.9, meaning a competing 10kVA UPS would only support 8000 or 9000 Watts. When buying one of these Smart-UPS from APC, on the other hand, customers get exactly the capacity they are paying for.

LCD screens are the norm on enterprise-ready UPS, and this Smart-UPS is no exception. APC went with one with an intuitive interface and a multi-colour backlight that displays the most useful information right on the device.

Key strengths of the entire Smart-UPS range include a very wide input voltage window, extremely tight output voltage regulation, frequency regulation, internal bypass, and input power factor correction, placing them at the forefront of UPS technology and boosting their desirability among IT pros everywhere.

APC by Schneider Electric, A portfolio of solutions to meet all your power protection needs.

Unity Power Factor sets these devices apart from the competition, giving customers exactly the capacity they are paying for.
  • Offers hours of uptime with battery packs
  • Tight output voltage regulation
  • Remote Manageability
  • Feature-rich software
  • Unity output power factor
  • That our local electricity supply demands such protective measures

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