Smart-UPS 230 V – Advanced line-interactive power protection Smart-UPS 230 V – Advanced line-interactive power protection
Need to protect your valuable networking equipment? The world's most popular line of UPSes has you covered. Smart-UPS 230 V – Advanced line-interactive power protection

Power protection for servers and network equipment is essential in 2016, and so is a UPS solution that’s as advanced as the equipment it protects.

APC’s Smart-UPS 230V range of uninterruptible power supplies are exactly that, having been designed from the ground up to deliver the cleanest and most reliable network-grade power to a range of network equipment and server configurations.

While things like interactive LCD displays and reliability you can set your clock by are standard features by now, the core attraction of this particular range of UPSes is their extremely high efficiency at low, medium and high load levels.

And because modern, multi-core servers handle a variety of workloads and therefore vary their power draws, the flexibility to not only adapt but to do so without compromising on efficiency is essential in any UPS deployed to support them.

They are available in tower, rack-mount, rack/tower convertible form factors as well, and can thus support a wide range of applications and budgets.

Looking to protect your critical servers and voice/data switches? Extended Run 750 – 3000VA models have you covered. General protection for a variety of network equipment? Smart-UPS Tower and Rack-mount 750 – 3000VA models are there for you.

So no matter if you’re trying to support and protect enterprise-grade servers, switches, hubs and routers or simply point-of-sale machines, there’s an APC Smart-UPS suited to the job, intelligently and with all of the management tools needed to keep things running smoothly.

APC's range of Smart-UPSes are available in a variety of form factors and reliably support your most vital network equipment.
  • Reliability
  • Extensive manageability
  • LCD readout screens standard
  • High efficiency at varying power levels
  • That power surges and outages are still a thing in 2016

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