Simplifying digital and cloud transformation Simplifying digital and cloud transformation
By utilising the Odin automation platform, customers can purchase services, manage accounts and make payments through a single, centralised system. Simplifying digital and cloud transformation

With digital transformation, radical changes in the market require an agile business model. Flexibility and simplicity drives the need for an orchestration platform which enables businesses to utilise multiple systems through one interface.

The increase in demand for the features and benefits of automation have led us to provide a simple mechanism for our partners – Odin.

Manage subscriptions

Subscription billing is one of the most common challenges that our partner companies face. We often see that during the digital transformation process the market dictates various services and products that require automated billing and subscription management.

With Odin, all subscription services and prices are maintained in one central place and can be updated at any time. It supports multiple billing models with different billing dates that can be changed as required. This enables the billing of one customer for different products even if they have a unique billing model.

Orchestrate service

Service orchestration is one of the key benefits of the Odin platform, which allows us and our partners to integrate various product vendor and ERP systems into one platform. This enables partners to utilise multiple system functions through one interface and automate end-to-end service delivery, from purchase and provisioning to payment.

Assist demand generation

Promotions and discounts can be set up on specific products and for a certain time period to assist with demand generation.  Partners can also reward their loyal customers by setting up different customer classes with different pricing levels that will be applicable every time a customer places an order.

Customise platforms

With our multi-tiered platform, partners have the ability to customize and build their own unique platforms. This includes a fully customised online store, partner control panel and customer control panel.

Software subscription products as well as traditional box products can be purchased through Odin, allowing partners to bundle their service offering, providing a competitive advantage.

Achieve more with automation

Through automation, more can be achieved with less. By reducing manual processes, use of Odin allows a business to focus on customer service, business development, and a quicker time-to-market can be achieved.

Focus on the customer

Customer experience is one of the main differentiators in today’s competitive market. By utilising the Odin automation platform, customers can purchase services, manage accounts and make payments through a single, centralised system.

We’ve learnt a lot along the way in our automation adventure, and we’ll continue to expand our digital journey alongside our partners by utilising platforms like Odin.

Landie Booyens is the Systems Operations Manager at Tarsus On Demand.

To learn more about Odin, contact CSP@tarsus.co.za.

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