Samsung’s new Space Gaming Monitor available from Tarsus Samsung’s new Space Gaming Monitor available from Tarsus
The Space Monitor gets a size bump and adaptive sync technology - things gamers will love. Samsung’s new Space Gaming Monitor available from Tarsus

South African gamers rejoice: Samsung’s Space Gaming Monitor is now available from Tarsus Distribution.

This particular model is the gaming-focused 32-inch version of the 27-inch Space Monitors that we wrote about earlier this year, which were unveiled at CES in January.

Like the original Space Monitor, these 1440p/144Hz gaming screens are designed to use up as little space as possible, just with more screen space and the addition of AMD’s FreeSync technology that ensures tear-free gameplay – something gamers will surely appreciate.

They achieve the space savings by folding flat against the wall when not in use, maximising the available space of the desks they are attached to. Cables are also neatly routed through the stand, leaving no unsightly cable clutter.

While the flatness and neat design does mean users give up the benefits of curved monitors (the sexy looks and the even distance from their eyes to the screen no matter where they look), they get brilliant image quality, a high refresh rate, FreeSync, a huge screen to play on, all with the benefit of freeing up the desktop space that a traditional monitor takes up.

If you or your customers are interested in these screens, model number S32R75Q, speak to your account manager and they’ll hook you up.

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