Samsung Curved 27-inch 1080p FreeSync Monitor Review (C27F591) Samsung Curved 27-inch 1080p FreeSync Monitor Review (C27F591)
Deep contrast, gorgeous colours, FreeSync, a 72Hz refresh rate and an immersive curve work together to offer AMD gamers a lot to like. Samsung Curved 27-inch 1080p FreeSync Monitor Review (C27F591)

A lot of monitor manufacturers are going with the whole “curved” aesthetic these days, and with good reason – curved monitors both look prettier than traditional flat ones and are designed to deliver increased viewing comfort.

Samsung’s advanced C27F591 curved monitor is a stylishly- designed 27-inch screen in silver-white, which offers a deeply immersive viewing experience.

Those curves

Wrapping around your field of vision, the 1800R screen, with its 1800mm radius of arc for greater curvature, creates a wider field of view, enhances depth perception, and minimises peripheral distractions to draw you deeper into your content. So whether it is an online movie, a favourite TV show, or a pulse-racing game, Samsung’s deeper screen curve will fully immerse you in all your multi-media content

Increased viewing comfort

The deeper curvature of the 1800R screen allows your eyes to track effortlessly across the screen, without the need to change focus. Eye Saver Mode reduces blue light emissions – which stimulate the retina more than other colour wavelengths and reduces eye fatigue to provide a more comfortable viewing experience.

Furthermore, Samsung’s Flicker-Free technology minimises distracting screen flicker to let you work and play for a longer period of time and in greater comfort.

Stunning Images

Samsung’s Active Crystal Colour technology supports a wider range of colours than its standard monitors and allow for the Samsung C27F591 to have richer, more vibrant colours and stunningly vivid picture quality. Samsung’s advanced VA panel technology and 3000:1 contrast ratio deliver deeper blacks and brilliant whites that let you see clearly in even the darkest and brightest scenes.


Samsung has included its usual display modes, as well, and switching between them is a simple matter of using the joystick mounted on the rear of the screen to navigate the built-in OSD menu. For people worried about eye-strain, there’s an Eye Saver mode that lowers the amount of blue light shown, which should help.

Enjoy built-in dual 5-watt stereo speakers that let you enjoy movies, games and online content without cluttering your desktop with auxiliary speakers or cables.

Triple connection interface of HDMI, DP and D-sub ports provide a multiple high-performance connection interface that lets you hook up PCs, game consoles, additional monitors and other devices with ease.

This isn’t a hugely adjustable monitor, however: all you can do is tilt the screen forwards by just 2 degrees, backwards by 20 degrees and no option to adjust its height at all.

Nitty gritty

This is a 27-inch screen that has a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. The panel itself is simply incredible: the vertically-aligned liquid crystals in Samsung’s panels block backlighting and minimises light leakage to deliver deeper and more uniform blacks from edge to edge, and that’s on clear display here.

Samsung included three inputs: HDMI 1.4a, DisplayPort 1.2 and VGA, which will cover every device except ones that exclusively use DVI, however those are few and far between. AMD’s FreeSync adaptive sync tech works over both HDMI and DisplayPort, an interesting departure over other screens that force the use of DisplayPort cables. All inputs support the screen at its native resolution and maximum refresh rate of 72Hz.

Speaking of which, 72Hz is a nice bump up from the standard refresh rate of 60Hz, offering a 20% improvement to overall game smoothness that gamers will appreciate.


Overall, this is a rock-solid screen from Samsung. The steep curve is really immersive, colour reproduction is fantastic (and can be tweaked to a user’s preferences via the OSD), and its contrast is particularly strong which is brilliant for anyone who enjoys watching movies on their PCs.

The inclusion of FreeSync will please AMD gamers, and that 72Hz refresh rate is a nice bonus that sets it apart from all those 60Hz screens.


  • Display: 1920 x 1080, 16:9 VA panel
  • Brightness: 250cd/m2
  • Static Contrast Ratio: 3000: 1
  • Speakers: Stereo, built in
  • Viewing Angle: 178°/178°
  • Response time: 4ms
  • Curvature: 1800R
  • Adaptive Sync: FreeSync
  • Inputs: VGA, HDMI 1.4a, DisplayPort 1.2a
This is a great monitor for anyone looking for gorgeous visuals at 1080p, and a great choice for AMD gamers looking to take advantage of FreeSync and that better-than-average 72Hz refresh rate.
  • Immersive curvature
  • Near-bezel-free design
  • FreeSync adaptive sync
  • 72Hz maximum refresh rate
  • Plenty of inputs
  • Not very adjustable
  • 27 inches shows up 1080p's weaknesses
  • FreeSync only benefits AMD gamers

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    How can I change the refresh rate to 72 hz?


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