A superb all-rounder: The ASUS RT-AC86U Gaming Router A superb all-rounder: The ASUS RT-AC86U Gaming Router
It's an all-round performer that will fulfill almost any home/SMB networking needs. A superb all-rounder: The ASUS RT-AC86U Gaming Router

There’s a new gaming router in town, and it’s the ASUS RT-AC86U, an aggressive-looking home router that does a bit of everything.

Whether you need good Wi-Fi performance, tight security, a top-notch interface, or networking features up the wazoo (or even all of the above), the RT-AC86U has you covered.

Don’t let the “gaming” in its title put you off: the RT-AC86U’s performance and feature set make it a good fit in almost any non-Enterprise environment, like homes and small to medium-sized offices.

Peripheral Personality

Going on looks alone, however, it seems that this router is aimed squarely at gamers who like to see a bit of personality in their PC peripherals.

With three antennae poking out the top and two slanted red lights on the front of the router, all adorned with ASUS’s red and grey colouring, and the RT-AC86U looks like the head of an angry robot ant.

You can’t un-see it now.

This aggression is backed up by a number of excellent features, all designed to help users get the absolute most out of the router. To name but a few, the RT-AC86U comes with:

  • A dual-band radio (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  • Multiple antennae to boost 5GHz Wi-Fi speeds
  • A 64-bit dual-core processor that speeds up operations
  • Commercial-grade network protection via ASUS AiProtection
  • Wide Wi-Fi coverage thanks to multiple antennae and MU-MIMO tech
  • The ability to create an AiMesh network with other ASUS routers

In other words, this is the router to go for if you have a busy home or office that needs to cater for a large number of devices connecting and generating network traffic, as it’s set up to cover a wide area with Wi-Fi that keeps all network traffic flowing smoothly.

Awesome ASUS Add-ons

ASUS has developed a number of handy value-adds for their routers over the years, and perhaps the two most useful that the RT-AC86U supports are AiMesh and AiProtection.

AiMesh lets you use additional compatible ASUS routers to cover an even wider area with Wi-Fi coverage by creating a mesh network that uses multiple ASUS routers as nodes on your network.  

AiProtection, meanwhile, is built on top of Trend Micro antivirus tech and provides built-in network security that can stop many common malware types before they’ve even reached any connected devices. That’s useful to have anywhere, whether that’s at home or in an office situation, making this a versatile router that can slot in anywhere.

Peak Performance

Wireless performance is likely the thing people will want most from this router, so it’s good that many outlets that have reviewed the RT-AC86U have been saying good things about it. Techradar, for instance, found its Wi-Fi speed to be excellent at close range, dropping off only slightly as more distance and more walls were placed between their test laptop and the router itself.

Intelligent Interface

One of the biggest complaints commonly levelled against routers is that they come with arcane interfaces that make finding what you’re looking for more of a chore than it needs to be. ASUS nips this in the bud squarely with its slick web interface that’s as easy as falling over.

Everything you need is within easy reach, and best of all, the first-time setup process that it facilitates is a simple 3-minute affair that even the most tech-loathing of technophobes out there can successfully complete so long as they have eyes to see and the ability to read.

Ticking all the right boxes

So yes, the RT-AC86U ticks all the right boxes when it comes to consumer-grade routers. It’s fast, easy to use, looks great, and covers a wide area with excellent Wi-Fi signal. The aggressive looks are a bonus for people that like to see some personality in their tech, and it’s priced well.

If you’re interested in procuring one of these for your own company, or you have clients that you know could benefit from having one on their premises, please do get in touch. Either give your account manager a call, or fill out the form below and someone will contact you soon.

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