Remote workers explode Teams numbers to 44 million daily active users Remote workers explode Teams numbers to 44 million daily active users
That figure grew by 12 million people in just the last seven days, says Microsoft. Remote workers explode Teams numbers to 44 million daily active users

Last week saw the number of people actively using Microsoft Teams surging to 44 million, the company said yesterday, as more people around the world have begun working from home in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 wrote the following on the official Microsoft Blog:

“Already, we are seeing how solutions that enable remote work and learning across chat, video, and file collaboration have become central to the way we work. We have seen an unprecedented spike in Teams usage, and now have more than 44 million daily users, a figure that has grown by 12 million in just the last seven days. And those users have generated over 900 million meeting and calling minutes on Teams each day this week.”

Spataro also mentioned that Microsoft itself has been impacted by COVID-19: the company has asked over 50,000 of its American workers to work remotely. They join over 10,000 worldwide Microsoft workers in doing so, emptying out Microsoft’s offices, something Spataro says has been “disorienting”.

Three Years of Teams

The announcement coincided with Teams’ third birthday, indicating a relatively short existence in which Teams has experienced significant success. The application attracted over 20 million users in its first two years, and adoption has only accelerated from there. This week has added a huge number of people to the platform, bringing the total userbase up to 44 million active daily users.

Computerworld reports that clever uses of Teams seen in recent weeks have included teachers using it to hold classes, and doctors seeing patients remotely.

Says Spataro, “I really do think this is an inflection point, and we’re going to look back and realise this is where it all changed. We’re never going to go back to working the way that we did.”

Microsoft is continually working on refining Teams and building in new features. Some of the more recent additions include real-time noise-suppression technology (handy for remote meetings from home where it’s not always quiet) and the ability for meeting participants to “raise their hands” to request a chance to speak.

Try Teams Today

To get going with Teams in your own organisation, you can try the full version out for free for six months right now with the newly-announced six-month trial. Also, be sure to check your business network’s ability to handle all of the incoming multi-factor authentication traffic.

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