Providing partners with a new way to market Providing partners with a new way to market
Partners looking to define and execute a marketing strategy can turn to TOD for assistance. Providing partners with a new way to market

The cloud era has reshaped many things, but one of the primary relationships it has altered is between business and consumer. Over the past decade, the consumption model has shifted from one of ownership to one of access, with services like Netflix and Uber dominating this space.

“In the Digital Age, companies have switched from being sales-driven to being marketing-driven,” says Sharon Slaughter, Marketing Co-ordinator at Tarsus On Demand. “That’s because consumers have actually changed their mindset. With all the information available to them today, they’ve made a decision long before a sales rep gets in touch with them.” 

This shift in consumer attitudes has also fundamentally altered the way companies should be speaking to customers and marketing their services and products. This can be an added challenge, especially for small businesses (SMBs) who don’t have the time or capacity to have an entire marketing department running campaigns. 

One of the ways Tarsus On Demand is enabling channel partners to meet this shifting expectation is by providing them with the right tools and information that will allow them to navigate today’s fluctuating business environment. 

“We realised that a lot of partners don’t really have marketing departments and, as such, find it hard to communicate their value proposition to the market,” says Slaughter. “They’re unsure what tools to use, what to highlight to customers, and how to do so without spending lots of money or wasting time. So, we decided the best thing for our partners is to assist them in their marketing efforts.”

Empowering partners with marketing insights

Tarsus On Demand is a cloud-born company, so providing partners with an access-based marketing model is a logical step for the business. 

Tarsus on Demand has used its in-house digital expertise to observe, learn and test different approaches to marketing. These learnings can then be adapted and applied to a partner’s unique environment with none of the additional cost burden. It can mean a variety of executions, depending on a business’s requirements, but can essentially be defined as ‘customisable marketing’. 

“Partners often approach us for help with something specific,” says Slaughter. “Maybe they’re struggling to optimise their website or are looking for a go-to-market strategy. We assist them on a case-by-case basis, understanding that every partner has different needs and faces different challenges within their business.”

Adding benefits to your business

Marketing is a key aspect of any business, but Tarsus On Demand understands that smaller businesses don’t always have the capacity to manage their marketing efforts alone. “It can be very hard to market effectively if you don’t know what tools and services are out there, or how to use them,” says Slaughter. 

By partnering with Tarsus On Demand for marketing strategy, guidance and more, that uncertainty is removed, allowing businesses to enjoy all the benefits of an in-house marketing team, with none of the additional admin.

One of the benefits of this offering is that it provides partners with a cost-effective alternative when it comes to reaching their desired target audience. “We eliminate the noise for SMBs,” says Slaughter. “Instead of having to try a bunch of agencies and techniques that might not work, we facilitate their marketing in the quickest, most cost-effective way.”

Other benefits include building a brand in-market that is perceived to be trusted, improving both business and customer relationships, while positioning your business as a leader in the industry. “It’s a win-win situation,” says Slaughter.

“Marketing efforts bring in more potential customers for our partners, yet it allows them to be more flexible and spend more time focusing on their business strategy.” 

Less worry, more business

For Tarsus On Demand partners, outsourcing their marketing requests or strategies to the team frees them up to do what they do best: provide a product or service to their customers, without needing to worry about how to get their offering off the floor and into the market. 

For more information on using Tarsus On Demand to assist in your marketing strategy, please fill in the form below and let’s have a conversation.

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