HP launches the pocket-sized Sprocket printer HP launches the pocket-sized Sprocket printer
Who needs a printer in their pocket? Everyone, apparently. HP launches the pocket-sized Sprocket printer

Not content to fill only our homes and offices with printers, HP has now brought out a pocket-sized printer that can literally accompany us everywhere we go.

It’s called the Sprocket, and it’s a portable, palm-sized printer capable of producing 5cm x 7.62cm prints with sticky backs and can be pasted just about anywhere. It works over Bluetooth, and can receive prints from tablets, smartphones, PCs and laptops.

Can you believe this is a printer?

The Sprocket produces perfect prints every time, and there’s no danger of smudging the ink as all prints come out dry.

Zero Ink. Wait, what?

That’s down to HP’s newest “Zero Ink Technology”, or ZINK. If you’ve been in the printer game for a while, that’ll sound quite odd, and it is. But it’s also pretty clever – the colour for each print is embedded in the HP ZINK Photo Paper the Sprocket uses. It delivers bright, glossy photos, all without using ink or toner cartridges.

Once printed, all you have to do is peel the back of the photo off to expose the adhesive surface, and place the picture anywhere you want to decorate with your social media pics, memes, or whatever else you’ve captured.

App-solutely fabulous

Naturally, there’s an app for the printer for iOS and Android devices. It lets people print images from their smart devices and add things like frames, text, stickers, filters and more.

Magda Snyders, HP Consumer Product Manager at Tarsus Distribution, said at the launch, “This stylish miniature printer is sure to be a hit with teenage and millennial fun-seekers who want to make the most of every social occasion. It’s perfect for a snap-happy generation that loves to collect and curate every moment of their lives.”

Sprocket printers are expected to be available for sale soon. Contact your Tarsus Distribution account manager for more information, or to pre-order.

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