Original HP consumables save time and money Original HP consumables save time and money
Stick with genuine HP consumables, and avoid the headaches caused by third-party ones. Original HP consumables save time and money


The state of printing today is very different to how it was even just ten years ago. Manufacturers have taken heed of the common end-user complaint that ink is very expensive, and made moves to boost cartridge value by increasing yield while also maintaining the quality that inkjets are known for.

So while nobody is going to argue that inkjet printing is “cheap” today, end users now get a lot more prints for their cartridge money. And that’s a significant win.

HP is one such manufacturer that’s committed to the end-user printing experience. The company has poured significant research and development into creating better, longer-lasting, and higher-yield ink cartridges as well as cutting-edge inkjet printing technology, all to make printing easier, cheaper, faster, better.

Original HP

For this, HP has put a lot of effort into making sure that their cartridges work beautifully with their printers, ensuring wear and tear is kept to a minimum and all of the working parts remain unclogged and operational for as long as possible.

These Original HP consumables ensure the longevity of the printer itself and maximum up-time, which delivers even more value as HP’s inkjet printers don’t need to be serviced or maintained as much – a valuable quality for any business that prints often.

Strict Design Requirements

That’s not something non-genuine inkjet cartridges can boast, however. Due to HP’s aforementioned R&D, their genuine cartridges and the ink they dispense stick to the strict design requirements of their printers which, if not adhered to (by, for example, using non-genuine cartridges with them) cause damage to the printer’s inner workings.

This damage reduces the printer’s lifespan, increases the chances of breakdowns, lowers the quality of the prints produced, can lead to leaks, and undermines the printer’s reliability. None of those events are fun to deal with, and they can all be avoided entirely by using Original HP cartridges.

Sure, they cost more than third-party ones, but they are worth it in the long run for the problems they help avoid.

Ink is ink is ink. Or is it?

If you are wondering how that can be because surely ink is ink is ink, hold up. HP’s ink engineering is done down to a nanometre scale, meaning that if a part of the printer requires pigment molecules to be an exact size – say, 100 nanometres –  and the ones it has to print with aren’t that exact size because they’re from a non-genuine cartridge, over time there will be problems like ink nozzles clogging.

Going Original

By sticking with Original HP inkjet cartridges over third-party ones, you avoid all of the headaches that can come about as a result of non-genuine cartridge usage.

And sure, that’s in HP’s best interests, but it’s also in yours if you value hassle-free, high-quality, high-yield inkjet printing, and owning and operating printers you can rely on.

Reach out

If you’d like to more information on how HP’s Original consumables further benefit you and your clients’ businesses, or you’d like to place an order, reach out to Vannessa de Jesus on the HP team. You can call her on 011 531 1000, or you can send her an email.

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