Next-gen WiFi: ASUS RT-AX58U Router Review Next-gen WiFi: ASUS RT-AX58U Router Review
This is definitely the router to go for if you're interested in getting onboard the Wi-Fi 6 train. Next-gen WiFi: ASUS RT-AX58U Router Review

There is yet another new Wi-Fi standard called 802.11ax, or Wi-Fi 6, and it’s even faster than its predecessor, supporting wireless speeds of up to 3000mbps.

The first wave of routers that support it were quite pricy, but now that the technology is a little more mature, a second wave of routers is here to deliver ax’s excellent speeds at a lower price.

One of the first routers in this second wave is the dual-band ASUS RT-AX8U, and it’s brilliant. Not only does it do Wi-Fi 6, it’s faster than many other routers on the 2.4Ghz band (the band most commonly used in home networks), it boasts excellent security features to keep connections safe, it supports a lot of device connections, and it can be remotely controlled with an app installed on your phone.

Full Marks for the RT-AX58U

The RT-AX58U is so good, in fact, that consumer tech website digitalcitizen.life gave it a 5 out of 5 rating. They say it’s well-suited for the following types of people:

  • Anyone who wants to invest in Wi-Fi 6
  • Fans of fast Wi-Fi
  • Parents who require easy to use parental controls to restrict what young ‘uns can see on the internet
  • Fans of phone apps that integrate with their routers

Another big “pro” here is the RT-AX58U’s support for ASUS’s AiMESH technology, a nice feature that lets you pair the router with other AiMESH-compatible routers to expand Wi-Fi coverage in your home or business premises.

AiProtection is included as well – ASUS’s smart security tech that protects your network from attack, along with AiCloud (complementary cloud services for you), and support for Amazon’s Alexa and IFTTT technologies that can automate certain tasks.

Easy setup, great interface

ASUS doesn’t forget those who aren’t quite as tech-savvy, by making their products easy to set up, and this router is no exception. A setup wizard walks users through the initial installation, and all instructions are clear and easy to understand. Same with the app.

The only thing to keep in mind during setup is that you’ll also need to check whether all devices that want to connect to the router can “see” it; if they can’t, they may need to update their network hardware drivers.

If they still can’t even after an update, then they might be too old to use Wi-Fi 6, and you’ll need to disable it in the router’s settings and stick to older standards like 802.11n and ac. Which would be a pity, since apparently Wi-Fi 6 is incredible when it comes to speed and the wireless coverage it provides.

The reviewer praises the RT-AX58U’s interface, saying it’s easy to use, well organised, and is available in 24 languages. Parents will find the controls they need to limit their kids’ access easy to find and set.

The interface accommodates users whether their knowledge levels are basic or advanced, offering appropriate levels of control that both types of people will appreciate.

Full Speed Ahead

On the performance front, the RT-AX58U is brilliant. It scored consistently high in the reviewer’s testing, doing particularly well in the 2.4Ghz download test compared to the two other routers from other brands it was pitted against.

ASUS has knocked it out the park with the RT-AX58U. It offers advanced performance that’s well worth the asking price. It’s easy to set up. And it has plenty of extra features like AiMESH, AiCloud, AiProtection and others that offer a lot of unexpected but appreciated value.

All aboard

This is definitely the router to go for if you’re interested in getting onboard the Wi-Fi 6 train. Or, you need to upgrade a home or office router to provide better coverage and faster transfer speeds for a large number of wireless network devices.

Interested in getting one? They’re in stock and available for order, so get in touch with us today and embark on your journey to faster Wi-Fi than you’ve ever experienced before.

If you’d like to read the full digitalcitizen.life review on the RT-AX58U, complete with exhaustive testing of the router’s performance under various conditions, click here.

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