This year’s Build conference is currently underway, and entirely online This year’s Build conference is currently underway, and entirely online
The all-virtual event lets people attend the event without leaving their homes. This year’s Build conference is currently underway, and entirely online

Microsoft holds a developer-focused event every year called the Build conference.

The event lets Microsoft showcase what it’s doing to assist developers to create, innovate, and achieve more. It’s done with a series of keynotes, talks, breakout sessions, and more conducted by a good mix of Microsoft employees and industry speakers.

Of course, this year can’t be business as usual due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It prevents people from travelling or mingling, therefore Microsoft has taken the event online. As in, entirely online.

Everything that’s happening at Build 2020 can be enjoyed remotely from home. Hence, all talks are being broadcast live and archived online, allowing anyone with an interest to participate.

Registration for the virtual Build conference event, which runs from the 19th to the 21st of May, is free.

A small taste

On the main Build page, Microsoft has embedded several videos to give casual viewers a taste of what registered attendees see.

For example, Satya Nadella’s keynote that started the conference is available to be watched on the Build page. This is in addition to several other addresses aimed at attendees.

Microsoft has put together a very impressive Build microsite attached to its News website that contains all of these. It treats visitors to an embedded video that shows off the Build conference logo as they land on the page. Smartly laid-out content that’s easy on the eyes follows.

Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

The Build conference of the future?

This is a fantastic example of how companies can cope with the Coronavirus pandemic by leveraging technology.

Build 2020 showcases how the internet and our connected devices can help us still do what we need to in these trying times. It also shows that we can still observe the safety precautions in place to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from spreading at the same time.

Could future Build conference events follow this format even without a pandemic forcing us all to stay at home? Only time will tell.

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