Lenovo ThinkPad: Building on a Legacy with Windows 10 Pro Lenovo ThinkPad: Building on a Legacy with Windows 10 Pro
Lenovo built on IBM’s hardware legacy when they took over IBM’s personal computer business in 2005. Since then the company has created a huge... Lenovo ThinkPad: Building on a Legacy with Windows 10 Pro
Lenovo built on IBM’s hardware legacy when they took over IBM’s personal computer business in 2005. Since then the company has created a huge range of notebook and desktop computers and enjoyed significant market share. These sleek machines come in all shapes and sizes, and there is literally one for every type and size of business you can imagine. Out of all of Lenovo’s designs, there are none quite so iconic as the ThinkPad range of business notebooks. The flagship range, the ThinkPad X, consists of incredible PCs that have been engineered to the nth degree to be everything business notebooks need to be: robust, fast, feature-rich, and long-lasting.

Ready for anything

Within the range you’ll find the best of the best, the Carbon X1 Extreme Gen2, a gorgeous Windows 10 Pro notebook that’s ready for anything. It sports Intel’s most powerful Core i9 processors, has plenty of RAM for the hardest workloads, comes with solid-state storage, and utilises stunning screens (choose from a Full HD IPS HDR screen or a gorgeous 4K OLED touchscreen) for a superb Windows 10 experience. These notebooks help you to breeze around Windows 10’s touch-friendly interface, while also providing alternatives, such as a smooth and responsive trackpad or the iconic red TrackPoint nubbin that puts cursor control literally at your fingertip. Should you need a flexible but powerful notebook that can be folded in half and used like a Windows 10 tablet, the ThinkPad range has the Yoga. This incredibly thin and light notebook has a 360-degree hinge that lets the user open it up a full 360 degrees, and it’s tough enough to be used like that for however long is necessary. You can also position it in an A-frame configuration for easy presenting (or watching videos), and the hinge will ensure that the Yoga doesn’t move. In other words, no matter how you want to use Windows 10 Pro, Lenovo has you covered.

Military-grade testing

ThinkPads also undergo some of the most stringent testing imaginable; after 12 military-grade tests and more than 200 quality checks, they are certified for operation in extreme cold, extreme heat, and under incredibly dusty conditions. These are the notebooks to go for when you spend a lot of time outside for work, and you need something a little hardier than the average business computer. And when it comes to graphics, ThinkPads have plenty of options. You can choose from NVIDIA’s range of GeForce mobile GPUs for the heavy lifting (games, CAD, VR/AR), and rest assured that other visual output is taken care of by an Intel HD 600-series chip. That means Lenovo’s range of business laptops can do it all, and strong graphics options are especially handy for making use of new technologies like Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) which is built right into Windows 10. WMR is finding increased usage inside organisations looking to develop innovative applications both for internal and customer-facing applications, and easy access to it via Windows 10 is supremely convenient.


Of course, Lenovo also packs in plenty of enterprise-grade security features, and thus its business notebooks support built-in Windows 10 Pro functions like BitLocker (encryption for vital data), Find My PC, remote desktop, and of course group policies and the ability to join a domain – features IT administrators require to lock all notebooks down and protect against malware. Windows Hello support is also built-in: Lenovo’s business notebooks have advanced infra-red webcams and fingerprint readers for easy authentication using the user’s face or fingerprint. The best part is this cutting-edge tech can’t easily be fooled, making it so that only authorised parties can gain access to Lenovo’s PCs.

Best for business

When looking for robust business notebooks that support the best of what Windows 10 Pro has to offer, Lenovo’s ThinkPad range is a fantastic option. There’s an SKU for every business need, and Lenovo’s stringent testing and excellent hardware choices ensure that each ThinkPad performs and lasts for as long as they’re needed.

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