Knowledge is power in Industry 4.0 and our recent graduates prove that Knowledge is power in Industry 4.0 and our recent graduates prove that
We speak to three recent graduates about what they studied and why, because in the 21st century, knowledge is power. Knowledge is power in Industry 4.0 and our recent graduates prove that

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power, and that is truer today than it’s ever been. In 21st century knowledge is the key that unlocks any company’s economic potential and sets it on course for the stars.

At Tarsus, we’re keenly aware of this, which is why we encourage our staff to study as much as possible, whenever they can, gathering up as much knowledge as possible, with an eye toward leveraging it for everyone’s benefit.

In May 2019, we added three recent graduates to our ranks: Sylvia Segoete, Tshimangadzo Tshikovh, and Donald Chiburre.

We asked them a few questions about their experiences and motivations.

What qualification have you just completed?

Sylvia: BSc Industrial Engineering

Tshimangadzo: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Donald: BSc Industrial Engineering

What inspired you to study that particular subject?

Sylvia: I was interested in the fact that it did not have one set job description and I could explore different or unrelated topics that just need a versatile way of thinking or way of solving problems.

I was also fascinated by the different projects that industrial engineers would be involved in and that matched with how I dreamed my career life would be. Being interactive has been a challenge for me, so I also saw this career as contributing to my personal growth when it came to my career aspirations.

Tshimangadzo: The relationship between men and machine has been an idea I found fascinating from a young age. I always wondered how the economy was dependent on these two factors, and the only way to find out was to choose a career in Industrial Engineering.

Starting a career in this field was very interesting as I was introduced to the advantages of this relationship. Advantages such as:

  • Mobile devices that bring people closer
  • Assistance for the disabled
  • Media for interpreting large volumes of data

Today, I believe that these two factors are the solution to our world’s challenges.

Donald: I have always been a person who loved Engineering, solving problems and coming up with solutions that are implementable. However, I did not want to go too deep into engineering, that is when I discovered that there is Industrial Engineering.

What inspired me to do Industrial Engineering is that there is an opportunity for me to interact with people from many different fields, grow myself through the interactions and presentations, combine technical skills with business skills, have an option to move across different sectors.

I consider Industrial Engineering as a field that one can customise to fit their needs and the needs of the industry as well.

How is this in line with your career aspirations and your job at Tarsus?

Sylvia: Being a junior business process analyst here at Tarsus is an enhancement of what I did in varsity as I am learning the practical side of my varsity knowledge. This experience is going to help me in developing myself and career. Basically, enhancing my professional skills in order to advance in my career path.

Tshimangadzo: My career aspiration is to be one of the people who will make Africa a better place. My qualification is based on increasing the productivity of a business, hence increasing the productivity of the economy, and by doing so increasing the livelihood of the people.

My job at Tarsus helps bring technology to the people, thereby bringing them much-needed knowledge.

Donald: So far Tarsus has been a great place for me, and it is exactly what I needed to launch my career. Everything I am doing at work directly relates to what I studied. I just have to embrace this opportunity and make sure that I strive for excellence so that I can realise my career goals.

Tell us about the support that you received from Tarsus Technology Group.

Donald: I received a lot of support from my department. Everyone was very excited for me and looking forward to having a new member in the team.

I was even told to take good pictures and send them to our WhatsApp group for them to have a feeling of how my day was.


Sylvia and Tshimangadzo had already received their qualifications upon joining Tarsus.

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