Kaspersky helps protect your kids online Kaspersky helps protect your kids online
To help drive cybersecurity awareness among parents, Kaspersky has launched a cute online campaign starring Midori Kuma. Kaspersky helps protect your kids online

The world wide web is a very big place, and one where young people spend a lot of their time these days. It’s full of fun, entertaining, and educational things for them to see and do, but of course it also has its share of dangers – malware, the potential for cyberbullying, adults with less-than-honourable intentions, and more that can potentially come about through unsupervised usage.

Kaspersky Lab knows this, and has launched a campaign starring their cute cybersecurity mascot, Midori Kuma, that champions awareness in parents about online security for their kids.

Here’s a quick video they put together highlighting why parents should be concerned about their kids’ online activities:

The video raises a number of good points, and also points parents towards a landing page that’s all about the various resources Kaspersky Lab has developed to make parents aware of what the realities are, and what they can do.

In short, Kaspersky recommends doing three things:

  1. Educate children about safety online
  2. Limit time on devices
  3. Use a parental control app

There’s plenty more information on the page, so definitely head on over there to delve a little deeper. You can even sign up to receive an ebook that lays all of the information out in an easy-to-read fashion.

Kaspersky Total Security, an endpoint security software package, has all of the kid-protecting functionality parents need to do exactly that. It also protects against most other forms of malware that lurks on the internet these days – including ransomware.

Here’s a quick rundown of Kaspersky Total Security’s main features:

  • Defends against malware, spyware, ransomware
  • Stays on guard without negatively impacting on system performance
  • Online protection features for children and teenagers (and parents)
  • Works on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices
  • A simplified interface offers ease of use
  • License options that cover up to three devices for 2 years

Tarsus Distribution distributes Kaspersky Total Security into the channel; should you be interested in hearing more about it or placing an order, you can give them a shout on 011 531 1000.

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