Into the Black: Drive customer acquisition and engagement this Black Friday Into the Black: Drive customer acquisition and engagement this Black Friday
Black Friday is the ideal opportunity for resellers to drive customer acquisition and engagement. Into the Black: Drive customer acquisition and engagement this Black Friday

Traditionally, Black Friday is used to clear excess or slow-moving stock. The goal is to get rid of the old to make more room for the new. It’s a day focused on reducing stock that hasn’t shifted so you can capitalise on the margins of the seasonal items that sell. Black Friday is now a major day on the retail calendar and is headlined on every news channel and fills every inbox for weeks before the actual day.

Black Friday is about making the right kinds of waves so retailers can catch the right kind of attention. They are central to increasing traffic and sales, allowing for the retailer to re-engage with their ecosystem by building hype and luring customers in-store and online. But what does this mean to the traditional IT reseller partner?

For Tarsus Distribution, these two days present the ideal opportunity to support registered reseller partners by providing them with highly targeted and specialised deals that they can use to rise up out of the sea of special offers and catch their customer’s eye. It also is the ideal opportunity to challenge the status quo and change up the rules.

This year, one week prior to the event, Tarsus Distribution has made its Black Friday special offers exclusively available to all partners registered with Tarsus Online. This will give them the time they need to create sales and engagement materials so they can harness the hype and capitalise on the opportunity.

The Tarsus Black Friday ecosystem

Only registered resellers gain a sneak peek of all items that will be sold on Black Friday. This stock will definitely add some momentum to the traditional sales motion. To really generate hype, interest and value for both the reseller and the customer, the stock will resonate with the original Black Friday idea of slashed prices and big savings.

The reality is that the popularity of Black Friday can work as much against the business as it can for it.

The retail frenzy that precedes them tends to froth up the waters to such an extent that resellers lose customers alongside their margins. This makes it difficult to engage because every business and brand is competing for customer attention: there is so much noise that one does little more than add to the clamour.

To stand out, the reseller has to differentiate themselves. This is where the Tarsus Black Friday sneak peek fits in.

Resellers registered with Tarsus will know exactly what products they can offer and exactly how much noise they can make. By providing registered resellers with a comprehensive breakdown of the stock and price points on offer.

Customise those deals for the customer. Cultivate the hype. Put the reseller brand in front. This is how to grab hold of the benefits that Black Friday could bring to the business. In a highly competitive environment, the ability to tailor make an offering and promote it in advance of the event is key. You can now differentiate on price and the relevance of your offering before anyone else.

Time to assess the offers also means time to develop a well-executed sales plan that will allow for you to increase traffic and sales opportunities and re-engage with your customer ecosystem as you promote your offers and put yourself in front.

You can sell value-added products to make the most from the frenzy, and you can ship orders before Christmas. This will help you to move stock before the festive break when systems are under pressure. It will also provide you with a chance to drive your revenue and build customer engagement.

Customers will appreciate a glimpse into what they can look forward to and this can be leveraged to drive sales and a long-term customer acquisition strategy. After all, if they know that they can get the items they want from your business, they won’t be tempted to shop around. Customers appreciate convenience just as much as they do cut prices.

An exclusive offer

The Tarsus Black Friday list is only available to resellers registered with Tarsus. If you aren’t on the system today, you will need to register prior to the event. As the special offers are exclusive to resellers, the activation process includes the time required to validate all registrations.

Get the ball rolling! Start the registration process today!

Once registered, you will gain access to the special offers and a support system tailored to enhance your Black Friday strategy. There will be digital templates and online marketing tools provided to resellers to help them enhance their sales and reach. The Tarsus online portal has been developed to provide resellers with an easy-to-use system that makes their experience easy and seamless, and their Black Friday sales extraordinary.

What’s more, two resellers that take part in the Tarsus Black Friday offers will win their entire basket value back as a prize! One prize is for existing and already registered resellers and the other is for new registrations.

The goal is to help the reseller drive revenue and build customer engagement.

Stand Out

When it comes to standing out in an event that stands up across the world, value and differentiation are the key elements that should underpin any strategy. With Tarsus’ reseller-exclusive offer, you can create an exceptional, value-added sales strategy designed with your end customer in mind.

Use this week to prepare sales, and ignite interest from your customers, by using our marketing tools to communicate.

This is an opportunity to participate in the Black Friday sales frenzy, by creating a pitch and customer experience unlike any you’ve done before. With exclusive stock pricing, access to online tools, and a seamless online ecosystem, you now have the keys to differentiate and add value to your customers.

But remember, the offer is only available to resellers already registered with Tarsus. And this really isn’t an opportunity you want to miss…

Join Us!

Join us today! Click here to start the process of applying to be a reseller; if you are already a partner and you’re registered on the Tarsus Distribution Portal, click here to go there now to see all of the Black Friday deals.

And if you’re a new partner but you don’t yet have access to the TD Portal, click here to request access.

We look forward to working with you on all your Black Friday needs!

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