Intel’s Optane tech makes the ASUS VivoBook X411 even faster Intel’s Optane tech makes the ASUS VivoBook X411 even faster
All about how the ASUS VivoBook X411 leverages Intel's Optane tech for a speed boost. Intel’s Optane tech makes the ASUS VivoBook X411 even faster

The ASUS VivoBook X411 is a true beauty. It’s thin and light, made from premium materials, and has the looks and compactness of an ultrabook while still offering the performance of a full-fat notebook.

But of course there’s no such thing as too fast, and to make the VivoBook even faster, ASUS has kitted it out with Intel Optane – specialised storage technology that makes it run faster than ever.

Optane was developed by Intel with the aim of creating a dedicated cache of the files that are most frequently needed for important tasks.

It uses Intel’s cutting-edge 3D XPoint memory technology that’s both dense and fast; keeping files cached on the Optane module means they can be accessed much faster than they would be when stored on traditional mechanical storage devices, which in turn makes the PC operate far faster.

The beauty of Optane technology is that it learns which files it must cache over time, meaning that the longer it’s used for, the more efficient it becomes and the faster it performs.

Here’s a quick look at Optane, courtesy of Intel:

The VivoBook X411

The specific ASUS VivoBook model sold by Tarsus Distribution that now comes equipped with a 16GB Optane module is the VivoBook X411 (full model number X411UA-BV926T).

This is a lightweight, mid-tier system that leverages Optane to speed up all operations and counteract the modest 4GB RAM allocation.

Optane speeds up everything the VivoBook does from boot times, to the speed at which the operating system responds, to how fast applications load and carry out tasks.

With the Optane module in place, only having 4GB of system RAM becomes a non-issue: the module caches the files needed by applications just like more system RAM would.

Put simply, the Optane module means having a modest RAM allocation won’t have a serious impact on overall system performance. And because Optane modules aren’t very expensive, the VivoBook X411 maintains an attractively low price without sacrificing performance.

Here’s a video from YouTuber Tom The Tech Chap that demonstrates the performance of ASUS laptops with and without Optane present:

The difference between the two is more than noticeable, it’s incredible!

Ultimately, this smart innovation by ASUS and Intel gives end users a really fast but also really affordable ultrabook in the VivoBook X411UA, a huge win for South African consumers and the resellers that offer this particular unit to them.

Get in touch

To hear a bit more about these ultrabooks, or to place an order for a discerning client, get in touch with the ASUS team at Tarsus Distribution headquarters. They can be reached by phone on 011 531 1000, or you can chat to ASUS PM Diana Hughes about them by email.

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