Intel’s drones are really taking off Intel’s drones are really taking off
Did you know that Intel has its fingers in the drone pie? Well, they do - and in a big way. Intel’s drones are really taking off

Did you know that Intel has its fingers in the drone pie? Well, they do – and in a big way.

There’s a big drone-focused exhibition that happens every year called AUVSI XPONENTIAL, which the official website says is “…the largest global community of leaders in drones, intelligent robotics and unmanned systems”.

Naturally, due to its interest in drone technology, Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich was at this year’s exhibition to deliver its opening keynote, in which he outlined several of Intel’s drone-related initiatives.

Krzanich introduced new and upcoming commercial drone capabilities that showed off the potential of Intel technology. He outlined several of Intel’s drone projects, including two commercial products, the Intel Falcon 8+ and MAVinci Sirius Pro systems, as well as one specially designed for light shows and entertainment, the Intel Shooting Star drone.

I had a quick poke around for some footage of any of these drones in action, and lo and behold, this is what I found: the Falcon 8+ drone in action:

And the Shooting Star drone:

That Shooting Star drone is particularly impressive, as it’s been used to enhance shows by megastars like Lady Gaga during the half-time show of this year’s Superbowl.

Intel Shooting Star drones light up the sky in the Pepsi logo following the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

The folks over at Walt Disney World in Florida are using them in a special “Starbright Holidays” show they’re putting on, which “…paints colorful (sic) images across the sky at the Disney Springs shopping, dining and entertainment district”.

Intel and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are collaborating on “Starbright Holidays – An Intel Collaboration” at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The event at the Disney Springs entertainment district features 300 Intel Shooting Star drones in a choreographed aerial performance. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

The aim of Intel’s innovations in this field is to develop software and hardware solutions that “…streamline drone operations and expand use cases for commercial drones”, since companies are increasingly investing in drones to help them improve safety, lower costs and maximise their operational efficiencies.

One particular use of drones fitted with cutting-edge camera tech and sophisticated software is bridge inspections, a task that used to require human intervention and the use of ladders and dangerous climbing situations. Thanks to Intel’s Falcon 8+ drone (and drone tech in general), that’s no longer necessary.

Inspections by drone are already being carried out in massive industries like oil and gas, and there is huge potential for expansion in those industries and others.

Good thing Intel’s fingers are in this particular pie, then.

[Source and images – Intel]

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