Avoid high-risk counterfeit cartridges Avoid high-risk counterfeit cartridges
Counterfeit cartridges can pose serious risks to your hardware and organisation. Always opt for original HP cartridges instead. Avoid high-risk counterfeit cartridges

It can prove more difficult than expected to find a reputable supplier of HP cartridges. The reality is that counterfeit HP cartridges can often look almost exactly like the originals, making it difficult for the untrained eye to pick up that something is amiss.

Unfortunately, these counterfeit cartridges can pose a variety of significant risks to your HP hardware and your organisation as a whole.

The question is, what signs should you be looking out for? There are a few, although the most obvious sign is an incorrect security label. The security label from an original HP cartridge should be holographic.

When you tilt the box from front to back, the ‘OK’ and tick symbol should move in opposite directions, and when you tilt the box from left to right, the ‘OK’ and tick symbol should move in the same direction.

Along with this technique, you can also use your smartphone to confirm the validity of an HP security label. Simply capture the QR code using a QR reader application and you will get an immediate response from HP.

Avoid fire risks, low-quality printing and poor results – Choose HP

 Counterfeit cartridges and computing products may pose the following risks:

  • Poor print-outs that may negatively affect a company’s reputation and image,
  • Significant health and safety risks due to hazardous wiring in fake computing products, 
  • Unwitting dealings with criminals,
  • Invalidation of hardware warranty,
  • Increased printer down-time and, therefore, a decline in the company’s productivity and output, 
  • High costs associated with the repair of printers, and
  • Complaints directed at the Sales and IT departments within the business.

Here at Tarsus, we are dedicated to supplying you with high-quality, original HP cartridges that you can trust.

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