HPE’s new AC-class OfficeConnect OC20 access points HPE’s new AC-class OfficeConnect OC20 access points
Small businesses looking to set up their own AC-class access points easily and affordably need look no further than these advanced devices. HPE’s new AC-class OfficeConnect OC20 access points

Blanketing business premises with excellent Wi-Fi access is an ambition every small to medium enterprise should aspire to, but it can be costly to set up.

It doesn’t have to be, however.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has brought out its highly affordable AC-class OfficeConnect OC20 access points that provide excellent Wi-Fi coverage for small businesses. In addition to providing access at speeds of up to a full gigabit, up to eight OC20 access points can be set up to work together to deliver optimal signal strength throughout your premises.

And because all businesses don’t necessarily have their own IT departments, HPE has made it possible to set up networks quickly and easily using the OfficeConnect OC20 access points with a mobile app that’s easy to understand and use.

It’s called OfficeConnect Mobile, and it’s available on all major mobile platforms; all you need to do is follow the prompts on the screen, and network access for your employees and restricted access for your guests can be provisioned in minutes.

That guest access is made even easier with what HPE calls a “captive portal”, which supports multiple guest authentication methods that include Facebook Wi-Fi social logins. Ongoing maintenance and content filtering can be done via the app as well, making it a network solution for the app age.

Mounting brackets are also available for these access points for convenient deployment on walls and ceilings.

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