HP EliteBooks and Windows 10 Pro: Beautiful excellence HP EliteBooks and Windows 10 Pro: Beautiful excellence
Calling a notebook an “EliteBook” is a big statement of just how good the product is meant to be, creating an expectation of excellence,... HP EliteBooks and Windows 10 Pro: Beautiful excellence

Calling a notebook an “EliteBook” is a big statement of just how good the product is meant to be, creating an expectation of excellence, premium workmanship, and unrivalled performance in the buyer’s mind.

HP delivers on that promise with its new EliteBook business notebooks. These illustrious machines incorporate every conceivable piece of business computing technology available today to deliver a stunning look and feel, a pleasant and speedy user experience, and exactly the right blend of security, convenience, and business functionality that are needed in today’s corporate environments.

Powered by Windows

EliteBooks are powered by Windows 10 Pro, the professional edition of Microsoft’s phenomenal Windows 10 operating system. It’s the reason EliteBooks are such a great fit for any corporate environment, as Windows 10 Pro supports the security, authentication, and networking features required by modern corporations to safeguard their users, devices, and data while also delivering fantastic results.

Driving that excellent performance is cutting-edge PC technology. HP has used the fastest memory, the quickest storage, and Intel’s incredibly fast range of processors to make the EliteBooks perform just as fast as you’d expect anything with “Elite” in the name to.

There are plenty of ports, too, allowing you to connect what you need to the machine to get your work done.

Flagship Features

The EliteBook x360 is the flagship model in the EliteBook range, and it is the complete Windows 10 Pro business notebook package. It not only folds into a convertible table for easy use, but there’s no feature of Windows 10 Pro that the x360 doesn’t support.

That means authenticating with your face or fingerprint via Windows Hello; robust security options that include the ability to encrypt important data with 256-bit AES encryption via BitLocker; and of course the ability to join enterprise domains and have group policies passed down to it.

It may look the part of a consumer device, but IT administrators will absolutely love the security and manageability of the x360, and it fits easily into even the largest corporate environments.

Looks amazing

But that’s not all – Windows 10 Pro itself looks gorgeous on the x360. For example, the x360 1060 fits a 14-inch 1080p touchscreen into a 13-inch form factor, and the screen itself pops with colour and outputs some truly stunning visuals.

It’s clad in gorgeous aluminium, too; as such the x360 is durable to military standards, and the aluminium itself adds some seriously good looks and a welcome air of sophistication.

Office in your office

Everything you create on the x360 will look amazing, too, whether it’s a spreadsheet, an email, a presentation, or even just a regular database.

All of these can be done with Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-friendly office productivity suite.

Office 365 is an essential piece of business software and one that works great with Windows 10 Pro. Best of all, Office 365 follows a pay-per-user model that can save businesses a lot of money in the longer term, and pairing it with Windows 10 Pro and an HP EliteBook x360 is a smart move that offers excellent value for money.

Windows and HP EliteBooks: A heavenly match

The combination of the best business notebook technology HP has to offer with Microsoft’s fastest, most secure Windows operating system yet is a potent one.

EliteBooks deliver everything a modern corporate worker needs to get their jobs done, no matter where they are, while also giving IT what they need to manage the device effectively and keep its data safe.

Great looks, amazing performance, and cutting-edge security all come together when HP’s EliteBooks and Windows 10 Pro meet.

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