How to learn more about Office 365 How to learn more about Office 365
Did you know Microsoft has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to explaining everything to do with Office 365? How to learn more about Office 365

Office 365 is a hot topic in business circles. And with good reason: it’s a brilliant productivity suite that’s helped countless people do more within their businesses.

Research has shown, however, that most users only scratch the surface of what’s possible with Office, sticking instead to the handful of core features they can’t live without.

The reality is, there are plenty of features that folks could be using and getting so much more from. They’re just unaware they exist and how they’re best used.

Video to the rescue

Microsoft’s solution, in an era where people are consuming more video content than ever, is to generate helpful and easy to understand Office 365 videos that do a great job of introducing and sometimes explaining Office 365 features.

They’re all posted to the official Microsoft Office 365 YouTube channel, and are easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a device on which to view them.

These are all well-produced videos that get to the point quickly, pique the viewer’s interest, and convey useful information – exactly what someone interested in Office 365 needs.

Take, for instance, this fantastic overview video that sets out, in plain language, what Office 365 is, exactly:

Sway your way

A great example of a little-known (and included) feature in the Office 365 suite is Sway. Despite offering some impressive features, this Office application offers an incredibly easy – yet extremely powerful – alternative to PowerPoint that makes putting compelling presentations together simple, easy and fun.

If you didn’t know about it, the channel has an entire playlist of 18 videos you can watch that explain Sway detail:

Plenty of content

And this is just one of many video playlists on Office functions and features.

Included in the overall mix on the Microsoft Office 365 Youtube channel are thought leadership videos, videos of the Office-related events Microsoft has held, videos talking about their partner ecosystem, application-specific tutorials. The list goes on – there’s a lot to watch here.

Get Office

Naturally, our Tarsus On Demand superheroes are your point of contact for all things Office 365, so if you have questions about it, or are interested in signing up for a few new subscriptions, give them a call on 011 531 1111 or send them an email.

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