5 ways Tarsus Dispose-IT does asset disposal right 5 ways Tarsus Dispose-IT does asset disposal right
Get rid if your old IT assets the right way with Dispose IT's help. 5 ways Tarsus Dispose-IT does asset disposal right

Tarsus Dispose-IT is the arm of the Tarsus Technology Group that deals with the correct and proper disposal of computer equipment: asset disposal.

It’s the company to go to if you have spare computers, monitors, printers, servers, cables, keyboards, mice, speakers etc. lying around that you don’t know what to do with. They can take those off your hands and free up valuable office or storage space.

More importantly, Tarsus Dispose-IT disposes of it all in ways that are compliant with the law and environmentally-friendly.

But perhaps even more relevant to end users and Tarsus Distribution partners is the fact that Tarsus Dispose-IT is the only company to offer a trade-in value on goods submitted for disposal. This means value can potentially be recovered from assets that are otherwise just sitting around in storage areas.

Here are five reasons to use Tarsus Dispose-IT when it comes to getting rid of your old IT equipment.

#1: Get money for your old stuff

To make use of Tarsus Dispose-IT’s Value Recovery service, partners must get an asset register of the relevant goods from their customers.

That asset register should contain the serial number, model/part number and the brand of the units to be traded in. This must be forwarded to info@dispose-it.co.za in order to generate a valuation that can then be passed on to the end user customer for approval.

Should the customer be happy with the offer, Tarsus Dispose-IT will arrange for the inspection and collection of the equipment, as well as the permanent destruction of any relevant data as per the POPI act. And, of course, payment.

#2: Legal compliance

Tarsus Dispose-IT’s policies, practices, and procedures are all compliant with South African law. Specifically, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) – certain sections of which are already law – as well as the National Environmental Management and Waste Amendment Act (NEWMA).

By using a non-compliant fly-by-night disposal outfit, which might only strip out valuable components from recovered assets and dump the rest illegally, puts companies at risk of fines. And as serial numbers are traceable, that dumped equipment can be easily tracked back to you.

#3: Minimal environmental impact

Through its compliance with NEWMA, Tarsus Dispose-IT makes sure that all recovered IT equipment is disposed of in a way that minimises its environmental impact. So by using Tarsus Dispose-IT to deal with their old stuff, companies can rest easy that they are not contributing to environmental pollution.

That’s a good thing in and of itself, and also good from a legal and risk standpoint – see point #2.

#4: Ensure sensitive data is thoroughly destroyed

Tarsus Dispose-IT uses cutting-edge data destruction techniques, so any and all PCs with functional hard drives that come their way are disassembled and the data thoroughly obliterated. That means someone can’t go to their local dump, dig up your old PCs, grab hard drives, and mine them for data.

The data destruction is so thorough, that even the most advanced data recovery software can’t be used to restore data on old hard drives. By using Tarsus Dispose-IT, companies can rest easy knowing that the information contained on their old IT assets is as good as gone once it leaves their premises.

#5: End-to-end auditing and tracking

Tarsus Dispose-IT uses a cutting-edge tracking solution to let customers know what’s happening at every step of the asset disposal process.  They issue Certificates of Compliance on the back of that tracking that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that assets have been properly disposed of.

Let’s Talk

There you have it: Tarsus Dispose-IT is set up to be exactly the right company to partner with for any business interested in disposing of their IT equipment in the most responsible, compliant manner. You could even make a bit of money out of it.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can get in touch with Tarsus Dispose-IT’s experts, Michelle de Fonseca and Ron Kerschner via email (linked in their names), or give their switchboard a call on (010) 140-0877.

Alternatively, you can fill out this form and someone from Tarsus Dispose-IT will get back to you.

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