How resellers can benefit from ROK server kits How resellers can benefit from ROK server kits
Reseller Option Kits for servers aim to add value, boost revenue, and increase attachment rates. What's not to like? How resellers can benefit from ROK server kits

Any good reseller is constantly on the lookout for ways to offer their customers more value than ever. And while their vendor partners are doing their utmost to help with that, sometimes, vendor messaging as to how they can help resellers do this can gets lost in the noise of the modern communications landscape.

Which is why this post came about: to alert resellers about something offered by Microsoft through both HPE and Dell EMC, that could potentially increase server sell-through, while simultaneously giving buyers maximum value: ROK, or “Reseller Option Kits”, a unique licensing solution that can be packaged with certain server SKUs.

By requesting a ROK when purchasing a server solution from a specific range of SKUs, resellers get not only the server hardware, but they get a tailored version of their operating system of choice bundled with the hardware, at a reduced cost.

Those operating system licenses only work with certain server products, however – both Dell EMC’s and HPE’s documentation states that the Reseller Option Kits are tailored and fine-tuned for the exact hardware of those specific SKUs. Each company offers a range of ROK-ready SKUs to choose from.

ROK can be specified at the same stage as choosing the RAM, storage, and CPU specification of the desired server solution.  It’s just another option, in other words, but one that can save resellers and end-customers money over non-ROK solutions.

As Dell says on its official ROK page, deployment is quick and easy: “Tested, tuned, and certified with Dell-branded hardware, your ROK software is packaged with the latest drivers and customised installation tools.”

And best of all, procuring a ROK kit gives you one point of contact for any issues, concerns, or questions you might have about your purchase. So no more calling one number for software support, and another for hardware – all queries can be answered by calling one number, making it so much easier for the end user to get what they need.

So, only one question remains to be asked: Are you ready to ROK?

If getting your hands on Reseller Option Kits and increasing your attachment rate and revenue while delivering more value to your customers piques your interest, contact your Dell EMC or HPE server specialist at Tarsus to find out more.

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