How DaaS Will Make Technology Obsolescence a Thing of the Past How DaaS Will Make Technology Obsolescence a Thing of the Past
Your company’s IT infrastructure costs you more than it should. DaaS can help. How DaaS Will Make Technology Obsolescence a Thing of the Past

Let’s discuss a simple truth that has been a part of the way we have all done business for years, and for which there hasn’t yet been a viable workaround – until now: your company’s IT infrastructure costs you more than it should.

This may seem like a broad statement, but it’s true. Technology develops at an incredible pace: newer, better, more advanced devices and software are being introduced to the market all the time. Not only does this make it difficult for software and hardware users to keep up with the trends, it also generates constant costs in the form of productivity reduction and high CAPEX. Why is this?

Obsolescence is a natural characteristic of the technology industry. What is state-of-the-art today will be obsolete tomorrow. This means that you are often left with out-of-date hardware and unsupported software, which requires you to constantly upgrade your configuration. Whether the upgrade takes place in sections or device-by-device, it almost always creates productivity and compatibility issues and puts pressure on IT managers, who could otherwise be using their time and expertise more productively. In the end, you need to purchase new devices and renew software licences, amounting to new CAPEX spending every few years. This is bad for the bottom line and will, no doubt, give your CFO endless nightmares. 

However, the Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) business model is changing all of that. If you haven’t already changed to a DaaS IT plan, we implore you to start making plans to do so by the time you’ve finished reading this article. HP’s DaaS service is already transforming the way businesses run their IT infrastructures and there are many good reasons why you would want to be part of that transformation.

What Is DaaS?

DaaS turns your acquisition and management of devices and software into an ongoing service, outsourced to IT experts. So, instead of owning your devices, you lease them on a per-device, monthly contract. Each contract includes full life cycle and asset management, managed services and loads of options for refreshing and replacing devices whenever you need to.

Because you don’t own your devices, you also don’t need to bear the cost of retiring and replacing them when they become obsolete. Each device will be replaced at the end of its life cycle, with a fresh, up-to-date one. This gives you three essential benefits when it comes to your operations, your finances and capitalising on the socio-economic environment: 

  1. From an operational point of view, you will never again have to worry about a device that is no longer as useful as it once was or have to incur downtime while the device is replaced. Your service provider will simply take away the old device and replace it with a new one, complete with all the software you need pre-installed and ready to go. 
  2. From a financial point of view, DaaS effectively moves your IT infrastructure from being a CAPEX consideration to an OPEX one. Even though you will have a monthly contract cost to service each device (or a package of devices, depending on what you and your service provider have put in place), you will have no large-scale upfront spending like you would have if you were outfitting your office with your own, purchased devices. Your total cost of ownership will be hugely reduced.
  3. Considering the economic climate we find ourselves in, fewer people have the capacity for a complete CAPEX investment into technology. This perfectly ties into the as-a-service model, which provides a solution to the struggle. 

With an HP DaaS plan,  you get a complete solution that combines hardware with proactive management analytics, and services for every stage of the device lifecycle. You can free yourself from having to procure and manage multi-OS environments, meaning that you can focus on supporting users and developing long-term strategies for your business’s future. HP DaaS can help reduce the complexity of sourcing and supporting your devices with simple, flexible plans easily tailored to your specific business needs. 

Keeping up with DaaS

DaaS is a natural development of the already long-standing practice, among various enterprises, of outsourcing IT infrastructure and device management to a third party. The major difference is in the role of the middle man, in other words, the system integrators and third-party service providers. In some cases, the role of the middle man has become that of an integrated service provider, offering a single service in the form of DaaS. In others, the middle man is cut out completely, with hardware manufacturers entering into direct service contracts with the end-users and providing all the necessary IT management services. 

This is the case with HP DaaS, which also includes cutting edge analytics to track and manage your devices. When running an IT fleet, it is essential that you keep up, both with fast-moving technology trends, and the state of your own devices. You need to be able to repair, replace and upgrade as quickly and proactively as possible. This is where HP TechPulse will revolutionise your IT management.

HP TechPulse is a predictive analytics system that helps you ‘predict the future’ when it comes to your devices. It allows you to pick up on any impending issues before they become a problem. HP DaaS Proactive Management then enables you to address and resolve these issues. This particular service is not one you will get with just any DaaS plan, and is unique to HP. You will be able to optimise your IT spending and resources through machine learning, contextual data and preconfigured logic. With these essential tools, you will be able, constantly and effectively, to keep track of your IT infrastructure and manage all your devices proactively as you go.

How DaaS Helps with Strategic Asset Deployment

IT procurement and management can put your key resources under serious pressure, stretching your finances and taking up a lot of your IT team’s time and energy. DaaS frees up these assets so that they can be deployed more productively. Both your staff and your financial resources can work more efficiently when you make full use of the possibilities of DaaS. 

Your IT team will be freed up from the routine maintenance tasks that often eat away large parts of their day. So they can use the extra time to focus on higher-level projects. At the same time, DaaS also enables more efficient management of your devices. You have a service contract with a company dedicated to helping you manage your devices. You also have powerful tools like HP TechPulse with Proactive Management Analytics, geared towards efficiency and cost savings. 

DaaS Delivers Enhanced Security

No matter what methodology or service you are using to manage your IT infrastructure, the security of your data is likely to be of paramount importance. Cyber threats are the ultimate boogeyman for today’s information-driven businesses. HP DaaS delivers enhanced security options that allay any fears over these threats. Every single device in your leased inventory is protected against attacks. Security software is also monitored to stay up to date with security policies and upgrades. The entire fleet will be automatically updated on a regular basis to keep your precious data safe.

DaaS even allows the option to track lost, stolen or retired devices. When any device is lost or stolen, it can be located and locked to deny access to the thief or anyone who picks it up. When devices are retired, they can also be wiped of all data related to your business, allowing for resale or repurposing.

HP TechPulse offers invaluable help in these areas. It monitors which devices, if any, aren’t running antivirus software or firewalls. This is hugely important, as is the feature that will highlight if a device isn’t responding. You can then quickly look into this device to uncover whether it’s been shelved, or perhaps even lost, and react appropriately. 

How DaaS Helps with Workforce Expectations

The members of today’s tech-savvy workforce are very conscious of the devices they use. They regard their devices as extensions of their identities and will not accept substitutes. So, providing them with the best, most up-to-date and most stylish devices amounts, not only to giving them the best tool for the job, but also offering them a substantial perk. This helps you to recruit and retain the best talent. 

DaaS enables a company to deliver exactly the right technology for each job, as well as delivering the newest devices that your employees will be happy to handle and operate. It can even provide a scalable and flexible solution to your device deployment needs as they shift with the requirements of your work and the movements of long-term and short-term employees. 

How DaaS Helps with Sustainability in the Workplace

Another important consideration throughout the business world is environmental sustainability. It’s becoming such an important element of how companies do business, regardless of their specific market, that ‘green’ business practice is an increasingly central criterion driving the choices of consumers and firms as to whom they are prepared to do business with. When procuring and managing IT infrastructure, therefore, you need to be sure to make well-informed, sustainable choices. DaaS enables this too. HP DaaS offers customers access to sustainably designed technology as well as to the most energy-efficient devices on the market. This is good news for the environment, for clients, and for employees in an increasingly climate- and environment-conscious world.

FAQs on DaaS  

  • Can DaaS Really Lead to Significant Savings?

As the above discussion has shown, the answer is “yes”. The life cycle of each and every device in your fleet is managed by your DaaS provider and in the case of HP, the analytical tools offered in the TechPulse packages. Devices are returned to the provider for retirement or redeployment. The lifecycle management process means that devices are deployed for full productivity and means that you will ultimately end up buying less hardware. Without DaaS, you would typically procure your own devices, which can lead to substantial waste and redundancy.

  • What Are Some of the Challenges Associated with the Transition to DaaS?

The main challenge you will experience in your transition from your current IT environment to DaaS is working out what to do with your old fleet. You need to devise a strategy in this regard so that devices are replaced at the appropriate time. A good DaaS provider such as HP will be able to help you devise a plan for this.

  • What Effect Does DaaS Have on Productivity?

A major key to productivity is the age of the equipment deployed to your staff. Since DaaS updates these constantly, all with minimal downtime, it should be apparent that this service increases productivity. 

  • What’s the Difference Between Traditional Hardware Leasing and DaaS?

With traditional leasing, you are responsible for the management of the IT assets. With DaaS, the lessor takes on this responsibility, managing all of your assets throughout their entire life cycle.

  • How Is DaaS Suited to the Demands of the Modern Workforce?

Modern workforces are more mobile than ever, often working completely remotely with no need to be in a central office. This makes tech support a challenge. It can sometimes take days for a remote employee to get their device repaired when necessary. DaaS providers can ease this problem with exchange plans that can have employees back in business in a matter of hours.

Device-as-a-Service Makes Device Ownership and Management a Thing of the Past

Predictive analytics can help reduce costly downtime and avoidable maintenance. And with HP DaaS Proactive Management and TechPulse analytics, you can identify, predict and address issues. These capabilities utilise machine learning, preconfigured logic and contextual data to deliver device, application and usage insights that help you optimise your IT spending and resources. This enables you and your IT team to be more hands-off when it comes to device management.

This will give you more time to focus on other IT projects that are key to business growth. From the information gathered, HP TechPulse analytics can generate a report on everything across the full spectrum of hardware and software. On the software side, this includes inventory, installation, utilisation, BIOS status, OS patch status and any usage errors. On the hardware side, it provides insights down to the component level, including CPU and memory utilisation, thermal issues, remaining disk space, smart battery health and hard-drive health. Additionally, device details such as OS version, date of manufacture, location and warranty status may be provided.

With the elimination of device ownership and management from your company, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Lower, more predictable costs,
  • Proactive, hands-off software-assisted analytics and management
  • Constant access to the latest technology, and
  • Better security.

DaaS – Don’t Get Left Behind

DaaS is surging ahead to become the standard practice for IT procurement and management. As you can see, it makes sense to be a part of this rising trend. The benefits of DaaS (improved strategic asset management, improved cash flow, reduced expenditure, stronger cyber security, a dedicated procurement and management team, predictive analytics and proactive management) simply make sense for all aspects of your business. 

If you’re unsure about this, simply ask yourself the following:

  • Do you want to reduce your IT costs? 
  • Are you tired of the constant struggle of keeping staff – throughout all levels of your organisation – happy with their technology? 
  • Could you have invested CAPEX more productively? 
  • Do you want a flexible procurement system that not only constantly adapts to changes in technology, but also to the shifting demands of your business and staff? 
  • Most importantly, are you tired of the effect that technology obsolescence has on your IT procurement, management, capital expenditure and overall productivity?

The answer to all these questions is undoubtedly, “yes”. All you need now is to secure the services of a leading DaaS provider. HP DaaS is leading the charge in this booming industry, thanks to its TechPulse and Proactive Management systems. Get in touch today and let us help you transform your IT Infrastructure with HP DaaS.

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