This all-in-one kit from ASUS simplifies videoconferencing This all-in-one kit from ASUS simplifies videoconferencing
The ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware is easy to set up, it scales easily, and can potentially reduce time and money spent on meetings. This all-in-one kit from ASUS simplifies videoconferencing

For companies interested in an affordable, all-in-one videoconferencing solution that leverages the best of what Google has to offer, there’s a new kit out from ASUS that ticks all of those boxes called the ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit.

This innovative solution has almost everything you will need set up vide0 chats with people across the country (or the globe). All you need to supply is the television or monitor to hook it up to, as well as the internet connection you’ll use to connect.

Here’s what the box contains:

  •  An ASUS Chromebox (the computer that links all of the equipment together) as well as all mounting brackets and charging cables
  • The Hangouts Meet noise-cancelling Speakermic
  • A 10.1-inch MIMO Touchscreen Display Monitor (to control everything)
  • The “Huddly Go” 4K-capable camera with auto zoom and crop so everyone on your side of the meeting can be seen

Setting the solution up is very straightforward, as ASUS has marked which cables go where using colour-coded indicator stickers as a guide. All you need to do is follow that to plug the cables in the right places, and then tidy it up with the handy included plastic covers that keep everything looking neat.

Once you’ve got Hangouts Meet set up, the centrepiece of the solution is the MIMO display – it’s an enterprise-grade capacitive touchscreen that will respond to even the gentlest of touches.

Touching the screen is also how you’ll configure the hardware and create and attend teleconferences, and Google has made sure doing that all is as easy as pie.

Why is Hangouts Meet so cool?

It’s cool because it lets people join meetings from their mobile phones, organisations can have meetings with up to 100 participants if they’re on G Suite Enterprise, and 50 people on G Suite Business, and all of the hardware in the solution self-updates whenever updates become available.

Once it’s set up, creating meetings is literally a one-click process, and the participants on the other end of your connection get to see and hear all of your people in gorgeous 4K.

There’s also a two-year international carry-in warranty on the hardware.

Easy and Innovative Teleconferencing

Customers looking for innovative and easy-to-use videoconferencing solutions will be very pleased to see this one on their resellers’ price list. It’s easy to set up and manage, it can scale to any size conference room, and it can potentially cut down on time and money spent on client meetings.

And of course, the ASUS Google Meet solution is much more cost-effective than buying the individual components that would make up another solution.

At the end of the day, Google Meet is a powerful and complete videoconferencing solution that’s plug and play, self-updating, and incredibly easy to use. It’s also very affordable, which should go down well with the money people.

Coming in August

This all-in-one videoconferencing kit will be available in August from Tarsus Distribution. Give your account manager a call to express your interest, and they will do the rest.

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