Goodbye 240Hz, hello 360Hz: ASUS reveals the fastest gaming monitor yet Goodbye 240Hz, hello 360Hz: ASUS reveals the fastest gaming monitor yet
240Hz is so last year. In 2020, 360Hz is where it's at, says ASUS and NVIDIA. Goodbye 240Hz, hello 360Hz: ASUS reveals the fastest gaming monitor yet

When it comes to competitive gaming, the speed at which the player’s monitor refreshes can mean the difference between victory and defeat, as it dramatically influences just how fast the game responds to the user’s input.

Until this week, the fastest monitors available could refresh at up to 240 times per second; today, thanks to an announcement by ASUS and graphics card maker NVIDIA, that number has been pushed up to 360.

Introducing the ASUS ROG Swift 360

This will be shown off this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, as ASUS and NVIDIA parade around a new gaming monitor, the ASUS ROG Swift 360.

It’s a 24.5-inch 1080p screen that has an incredible refresh rate of 360Hz that’s 50% faster than before, and which also supports NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology.

G-Sync dynamically matches the output of the system’s GeForce graphics card with the screen’s refresh rate, leading to smooth visuals and superior responsiveness. Gamers like this because the gaming experience is just that much smoother, leading to better in-game performance as lightning-fast human reflexes are supported by hardware that’s capable of keeping up.

And with modern graphics cards capable of spitting out the frames at an unprecedented rate, this bump is a welcome move by ASUS and NVIDIA.

240Hz not fast enough anymore

“Our recent testing of games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch proved that not even 240Hz monitors are fast enough to display every frame on offer from those titles using the latest and greatest hardware,” ASUS said in a press statement.

The ROG Swift 360 looks the part of a high-performance piece of kit, too, with the by-now-iconic ASUS stand supporting its weight and a beautiful design that’s a mix of industrial awesomeness and RGB goodness.

While ASUS hasn’t specifically mentioned when these monitors will go on sale, it’s a fairly safe bet to expect them to hit the market in the second half of 2020.

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