Getting Started with Azure: How to set up a Windows VM Getting Started with Azure: How to set up a Windows VM
Looking to deploy a Windows VM in Azure? Here's a good starting point. Getting Started with Azure: How to set up a Windows VM

The second blog in our Getting Started with Azure – Solutions You can Deploy in 10 Minutes or Less series spotlights the process required to get a Windows-based virtual machine up and running.

Spinning up a virtual Windows machine has plenty of uses, not the least of which is using existing hardware to run virtualised versions of as many workstations and servers as the hardware supports.

Doing so in the cloud – using, for example, Microsoft’s Azure platform – is even more useful, as hardware resources can be allocated with just a few clicks : there’s no need for your organisation to install and maintain physical hardware on which to run VMs at all.

The last post we published was all about Azure’s ability to run Linux machines in the cloud; this one is all about doing the same, but with Windows as the VM’s OS.

Before getting to the actual deployment of virtual Windows machines, Microsoft recommends that users run through a check-list of questions in order to establish the details of each VM, and thus what resources need to be allocated to it.

This article by Microsoft outlines everything an engineer needs to keep in mind when deploying a Windows VM in Azure. It covers the following:

What do I need to think about before creating a VM?

  • Naming
  • Locations
  • VM Size
  • VM Limits
  • Operating system disks and images
  • Extensions
  • Related Resources

How do I create my virst VM?

How do I manage the VM that I created?

  • Get information about a VM
  • Log on  to the VM
  • Manage Availability
  • Back up the VM

Should you be looking into deploying a Windows VM and you’re unfamiliar with the process, Microsoft’s article is an excellent starting point.

You can also contact the Azure experts at Tarsus On Demand to set up a demo, or to answer any questions you might have on Azure’s VM capabilities.

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