Get Acer’s tiny projectors from Tarsus Distribution Get Acer’s tiny projectors from Tarsus Distribution
Two of Acer's pico projectors, the C200 and the K137, are tiny and weigh almost nothing. Get Acer’s tiny projectors from Tarsus Distribution

Being able to project presentations and videos onto handy nearby surfaces has livened up business meetings for years now. But that’s when a projector is available – not every meeting room has one, and moving one into your space has its own set of challenges.

Taking that feedback to heart, companies like Acer have spent time and money developing pico projectors.

These are tiny versions of their bigger counterparts that are compact and lightweight, while still offering the ability to project images onto walls from a variety of sources.

Pico Projectors

Two of Acer’s pico projectors, the C200 and the K137, are tiny and weigh almost nothing. The C200 is so small, in fact, that it can be carried in a large pocket or small purse, easily fitting into luggage when you travel.


The C200 is most useful in a business context. It weighs 350g and measures just 120mm x 110mm, and is ideal for people who travel a lot for meetings in places that aren’t guaranteed to have projectors.

And, with a built-in battery, the C200 doesn’t even need wall power – with four hours of battery, you can present with confidence, and without a nearby wall socket.

Key specs are:

  • Native Resolution: 854×480
  • Maximum Resolution: 1600×1200
  • Brightness: 200 LUMENS
  • Maximum Projection Distance: 2.4m
  • Maximum Diagonal Image Size: 2.54m


The K137i is slightly larger than the C200 and enjoys more Lumens (700 vs the C200’s 200) so its images are brighter. It also has a built-in speaker for audio playback without having to hook up speakers. Handy!

Key specs here are:

  • Native Resolution: 1280×800
  • Maximum Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Brightness: 700 LUMENS
  • Maximum Projection Distance: 3.2m
  • Maximum Diagonal Image Size: 2.54m

The K137i can play back content stored on USB drives and SD Cards, so it doesn’t even need to be connected to a PC!

And as the K137i is also DLNA-compliant, you can stream photos, music or video directly from Android/iOS/Windows smartphones, tablets and notebooks via an optional USB adapter.

Both projectors have built-in HDMI ports that support the MHL protocol, meaning smartphones can be hooked up in seconds and their screens mirrored through the projectors.

No HDMI/MHL cable? No problem! You’ll still be able to project wirelessly from a smartphone using the Acer eDisplay Pro app!

Place your order

Should you or your clients need compact but capable projectors that fit into a pocket, get in touch with Tarsus Distribution’s Acer PM, Pieter Greere on email or give him a call through the main switchboard on 011 531 1000 for more information.

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