Futureproof business computing: What to look for in a processor  Futureproof business computing: What to look for in a processor 
AMD steps in to meet the growing need for high-powered, all-day business computing. Futureproof business computing: What to look for in a processor 

Unlike traditional business computers, which were typically allocated little more than low-power document-related tasks, today’s business computing devices have to be powerhouses.

They must be capable of handling demanding graphics-intensive content for 4K displays, feature-rich dashboards, multiple browser pages and video connectivity – often simultaneously – with no room for delays or unresponsive applications slowing down productivity.

At the same time, they need to consume as little power as possible and run virtually silently.

“Old school PCs and laptops simply can’t deliver on the demands modern business makes on devices,” says Craig Dawson, AMD Africa Commercial Lead.

“Considering the pace at which modern business must function, and therefore the performance needed from each PC or laptop, processors that were considered state of the art only a few years ago are just not good enough anymore. To perform in the new business environment, professionals need devices capable of gaming-level processing.”

Fast-evolving computing needs

Combining high-performance graphics and high-performance compute technology, AMD has moved to deliver processors that support the fast-evolving needs of business, across multiple applications, gaming, VR, AR, artificial intelligence, and highly visual all-day computing.

“For years, AMD has been focused on computing needs for the modern day and beyond, investing in the areas now becoming a top priority in business, such as energy-efficient, high-performance computing, reliability and fault tolerance, as well as developing architectures for big data and machine intelligence,” says Dawson.

“Today’s business user has to demand a lot from PCs, because their productivity and business profits depend on performance. The processor is key to supporting this, and business PC purchasing decisions should be based on what the processor can deliver,” says Lizelle le Roux, HP PC Business Unit Manager.

Here’s what modern business needs to look for in a processor:

Management features: modern business PCs need to support simple admin and management. AMD Ryzen™ PRO and Athlon™ PRO processors, the only processor family with a full set of manageability features on every model, support open standards based DASH Management to administer the PC fleet.

Graphics support: Modern workforces increasingly use multimedia, rich visual and creative tools to get their work done. AMD Ryzen™ PRO and Athlon™ PRO processors with Radeon™ Vega graphics empower employees with creative tools from 3D modelling to video editing, GPU acceleration with Radeon™ Vega graphics lets you visualise in real time and speed up your creative workflow.

Extended performance: Notebooks powered by AMD Ryzen™ PRO and Athlon™ PRO processors are designed for the entire workday. For example, the Ryzen 7 PRO 3700U gets up to 12 hours of general office use or up to 10 hours of video playback.

Security features: The AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 SoC provides embedded customers with dual core, quad-threaded performance, as well as the ability to run fanless, low power solutions for 4K displays; while providing leading-edge security features at the silicon level. These high-end security features with AMD GuardMI technology are built in from the assembly line and include transparent, secure memory encryption; a secure boot process that secures BIOS from power on to help prevent threats  from reaching critical software; and application assurance with real time intrusion detection and whitelisted application features.

AMD unlocks the computing performance of business-class PCs with powerful compute and graphics processing powerful enough to handle the most demanding workloads for improved performance in everyday applications, utilities and other demanding system tasks, allowing you to do more in less time.

Tarsus Distribution, AMD and HP are inspired by business to develop solutions to address the challenges faced every day and help it ‘Ryze’ to the occasion.

This article originally appeared on ITWeb.

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