Epson’s EB-685Wi short-throw whiteboard projector makes learning interactive and fun Epson’s EB-685Wi short-throw whiteboard projector makes learning interactive and fun
And it supports up to two people interacting with its projected imagery at the same time! Epson’s EB-685Wi short-throw whiteboard projector makes learning interactive and fun

If you’re over a certain age, you’ll remember when school classrooms were very low-tech, with only basic desks and chairs and a big dusty chalk board at the front of the room.

Today, classrooms aren’t limited to those old-fashioned settings, and schools have the option to up their game with advanced learning-enhancing technologies.

Playing into this, we have Epson’s impressive EB-685Wi Pen-Interactive Whiteboard Projector. It’s an advanced piece of kit that doesn’t just project images and videos onto a flat surface – it also lets presenters interact with their media with their fingers, or the two styli that come with the package.


If you can picture a touchscreen that responds to the user touching its surface, that’s what this projector does. Except here users are just pointing with their fingers or a stylus (or two styli at the same time), and the projector’s built-in smarts interprets those movements accordingly. Up to two people at the same time can interact with the projected image.

To make setting it up and using it every day as easy as possible, Epson designed the EB-685Wi as a short-throw projector. That means it doesn’t project its imagery from metres away, and instead does it literally centimetres from the surface it’s aimed at.

Thus, the projector can be mounted directly on the teaching surface, rather than on the ceiling in the middle of the classroom. The result is a far neater classroom environment.

Stacked with the good stuff

On the tech side, the EB-685Wi is stacked with the good stuff. It boasts a very bright 3500 ANSI Lumen rating that ensures its projected imagery remains bright even in well-lit classrooms; it uses Epson’s excellent 3LCD technology that keeps colours bright and vibrant; and projects at WXGA (HD-Ready) resolution so images are crisp. The lamp Epson uses is also very robust, able to last more than 10,000 hours before needing replacement.

And as for size, the EB-685Wi can produce a 100-inch image, far bigger than most screens available on the market today. That way, even kids at the back can see what’s going on up front.

On top of this it ships with multi-PC projection software features that put control of what’s shown squarely in the teacher’s hands and lets him or her split the content between several screens when necessary.


As this is a specialised product with high-tech capabilities it costs more than the average office projector, but the classroom benefits on offer are well worth the cost.

To find out more about Epson’s EB-685Wi Pen-Interactive Whiteboard Projector, the Epson team at Tarsus Distribution can answer your queries; give them a call on 011 531 1000.

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