Epic movies are even MORE epic on a 300-inch screen Epic movies are even MORE epic on a 300-inch screen
Epson's EB-TW5650 Home Entertainment Projector delivers a 300-inch screen for less than the price of a 55-inch TV. Epic movies are even MORE epic on a 300-inch screen

Think watching movies on a big TV is amazing? You’re right, of course, but it’s even better on a bigger screen.

TVs bigger than 75 inches are pretty expensive, though, which limits access to said amazingness.

Epson’s 1080p projectors offer a welcome solution: pay less than you would for a 55-inch TV and get a projector capable of projecting 300-inch images on your living room wall!

Introducing the Epson EB-TW5650

One such projector is the Epson EB-TW5650. It’s a 1080p projector that uses Epson’s excellent 3LCD technology that produces vibrant colours; it comes with a 7,500-hour lamp life (that’s a movie a day for 11 years!), and it’s capable of projecting bright, up-to-300-inch imagery onto flat surfaces.

It integrates easily into an existing home entertainment setup as it features analogue audio out and HDMI in, but can also do everything you need without needing extra audio equipment since it has its own 10W speaker.

Coincidentally, that also makes it suitable for business presentations that feature video and sound.

Easy setup

Setting it up has been designed to be easy, with plenty of adjustment options to get the projected image to meet your viewing preferences. There’s lens-shift, a 1.6x zoom, and vertical keystone correction that comes in handy when the projector is placed in less-than-ideal locations when space is limited.

Details in whatever media you’re projecting get the “Detail Enhancement” treatment that ensures the image is always clear, and frame interpolation works to keep fast-moving scenes nice and smooth.

That, together with decent brightness – rated at an impressive 2,500 ANSI Lumens – work to deliver a detailed, bright image even in well-lit rooms.

Useful value-adds

Where the EB-TW5650 really proves its worth is in some of the value-adds that go a long way to making it super easy to use. Firstly, it’s compatible with Miracast, a wireless display broadcasting standard that lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your phone to the projector without needing a Miracast USB dongle.

Secondly, you can use Epson’s iProjection app directly from a smart device to project photos, videos, documents and more through the EB-TW5650 over WiFi. The menu is simple and easy to use, so even tech novices can do it.

Great for gaming

This fantastic and affordable 1080p projector is brilliant for anyone looking to enhance their home entertainment setup with a bigger screen. And since the EB-TW5650 supports any device that outputs over HDMI, you can play games on it via PC/Xbox/PlayStation, too!

Get in touch

Tarsus Distribution is a proud distributor of this excellent 1080p projector. If you’re interested in buying one, or you just need some more information on it, get in touch with the Epson team.

You can reach them on 011 531 1000.

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