Endpoint Security Is Essential for Every Business Endpoint Security Is Essential for Every Business
Endpoint security is important for organisations of all sizes, because everyone is a target when it comes to cyberattacks. Endpoint Security Is Essential for Every Business

Endpoint protection has shot up the list of priorities for IT security in 2020. This has been driven by the rush to enable working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, as having more people than ever before connect to networks remotely has raised more security concerns.

Kaspersky is one of the biggest vendors of security solutions in the world and they’re well aware of this growing need. Endpoint protection has always been important, but it hasn’t been under the spotlight as it is now.

Endpoint security management can be quite complex, which is why Kaspersky has brought out a product called Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud – a simple yet effective solution that’s run entirely from the cloud. A simple dashboard accessed on the web is all that’s needed.

The idea that drives endpoint security is to enable remote maintenance as well as the management and protection of devices like smartphones, notebooks and desktops used by remote workers that don’t live on your core network. That way the business is not reliant on the end-user to secure those devices and can rest easy knowing they are covered.

The package

The core package performs file, web and mail threat protection, protects against ransomware, provides firewall functionality, detects and blocks network attacks, performs scans, protects two mobile devices per user and offers cloud discovery.

In case you don’t know, cloud discovery allows admins to see uncontrolled cloud service usage and time wasted on social networks and messengers – handy things to know when employees are working remotely.

Endpoint Security Cloud Plus, the tier above that, also does cloud blocking, secures Office 365, offers web and device controls as well as encryption and patch management for each device.

The point of the solution is simplicity: everything is managed from a cloud-based portal and protection is extended automatically to all of the nominated devices.

Perhaps the best feature is the automatic inclusion of two mobile devices per user as it’s common practice these days for remote workers to log into work resources on multiple devices. Being able to protect those too, is a big win.

Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable

Endpoint security is vital for organisations of all sizes because everyone is a target when it comes to cyberattacks. Being small doesn’t offer any protection either as 43% of small to medium-sized enterprises in the US were victims of cyberattack in 2019.

Endpoint security should be on every IT head’s mind. If your customers are asking about it, feel free to contact us and we’ll take you through your options.

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